Tuesday Night Heroic Madness Kill Sell Horde

Selling this for 50k for heroic madness and the mount. PM me in game or post here.
Thats one way to get ally to xfer to horde side...
Horde has like 8 people in it, those 8 people are in Seraphim.
This run sold as well as the weapons from Madness , looking for a buyer for next week. 50k!!! get it now!!! NOT GONNA BE CHEAP FOREVER!
Any chance you'll be offering the same price for a heroic rag kill + mount? would be very interested in that
Not everyone in our core has the mount yet with rag. So that isnt yet being offered at this time
selling just the mount this tuesday for 50k or a full run with all Hardmodes for 60k Including 1 piece of gear. Selling other gear also PST me in game for full details.
bump , still iso buyer
I am getting ready to xfer to horde and to another realm, i might possibly be interested in this for tonight!

Im having a friend horde side, send you an ingame mail with my contact info.

Just incase...

Goomzo@Hotmail.com - Real Id (or email me and setup details)
07/24/2012 03:25 AMPosted by Emikia
I am getting ready to xfer to horde and to another realm

No don't do it!

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