406 8/8 H Resto Shammy LF a 10 Man Team

Guild is moving to a 25 man raiding format, my preference is to remain within a 10 man format.

I am looking for a new 10 man team to raid with.

Preference would be a team who is at least 7/8 H and doing serious work on a Madness kill.

Worst case may consider a 6/8 H team working on Spine, going in the right direcetion.

Feel free to repond here or send me a tell in game

I am a east coast player, raid times starting bewtween 9pm and 10pm EST during the week work well .

* I also have a Resto Druid who is a litlte less geared then this toon

Thank you
Vox is looking for a resto druid I heard.

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