I'm done with Azeroth - (see details)

I'm so sick of this cliche game Azeroth and I always play. It's like the we're always fighting over nothing. It's just time that we take a break, I'm tired of this dilemma and I'm trying really hard to get a major in cosmetology, but Azeroth always drags me back down in my deeps so I'm so lonely all the time. So lonely. Omg I'm really over thinking this, so sorry for being sooo ridiculous haha. Anywho, I wanted to go out with a bang and show all my Azeroth friends some love. ( Unfortunately I'm kind of a bad person so I never showed very much love before >;] )

With that I give you 'adieu', whisper me for free gold/armor/gems/anything really. I'll be in org tonight hopefully!

Can I have your stuff?
I lewt teh hat.
See you in MoP.
07/18/2012 05:14 PMPosted by Rawkit
See you in MoP.

*Dumps a cauldron of molten gold all over Vysersys' head*

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