<Ûprising> 8/8 2/8HM Transfer from illidan

<Ûprising> Is a 10M Raiding guild originally from Illidan, but now located on Blackrock - US. We are mainly focused on (Current Expansion Content), & Normal/Heroic Progression. Aside from Raid Dates, Mount/Achiev runs will be posted amongst the In-Game & Site Calendar'(s) on Monday's for whoever wants too attend them. We are aiming to complete all Guild - Achiev's by MOP.

Link too Website: www.uprisingraiding.wowstead.com

We expect full raid attendance, raid awareness, & that you'd be willing too take constructive criticism when it is given too you. As we do value your opinion, we ask that you show respect too your leaders & fellow raid members. If such raid days need too be excused, please post among the forums (Only) of your absence (with reason) within 3 days in advance of raid date(s).

Raid Loot System: Lootcouncil, soon too be converted into an DKP System.

Raid Times: G1 - Fri/Sat 8pm - 12am (PST)


Currently Recruiting: 1 Tank (Non-DK) & 1 RDps (Non-Hunter) for Core Slots. No benching or Trial required for gear! MUST have 2/8hm + achiev's, 390+ il & 3/8hm+ Xp or knowledge of HM's.

Rules of the Guild:

* Flasks, Food, pots & G Repairs will be provided.

* Gear is handled through a Loot Council System for those who have truly dedicated themselves & have proved too us that they have earned there spot & wants too continuously work hard.

* Once awarded Core Spot, Please leave your Cell Phone # with the RL & GM for Contact reasons. Whether it's in case of absence or even Fill-In Dates.

* Complaining over gear will result in No Gear for the duration of the run. When Gear is Announced, please link your current piece.

* Expect too be raiding the full duration 4r's each raid day. Leaving early or showing up late will result in Replacement or worse G-Kick. Unless matter is of a different nature.

* If asked too help out cap dungeons for Weekly G-Rep, Please attend. You will be rewarded in the long run.

* You will have the right too invite Friends to the guild @ a Casual Lvl. Unless granted that they are mentally ready, they may apply for Core/Fill-in Rotations.

~ Thank You. Kiouta(GM) of Ûprising.
Blackrocks Full GTFO
Yeah but it wont be as bad as Illidan for log in times just by server population, and the people here seem a lot less stuck on stupid or think their so good we should feel blessed their in our raid and we die one time they leave and leave up stuck

i think its gonna work well here from what i saw and see so far
No we still have huge epeens. So 8/8h or gtfo.

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