First Mate Hat

Anybody interested in buying? Just send me a mail in-game/post here :3

1 in 10000 chance (same as Hyacinth Macaw) from STV

Edit: NFI how to link the item directly :<
I thought it was [item] something. *shrug*
sold yet? and if not price
need on shared ah
Unfortunately i wasn't too familar with this item until i got it, so not idea what horde/alliance prices are as none are on the AH. What's your offer? (I can get it over to alliance to avoid huge AH fees)
Just picked one of these up ally side also will sell to any reasonably buyer.
I have 3 on Horde that are available for sale, send me a mail with your offer :-)
i'll give you 3 personal training sessions with supps provided

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