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Hey, folks. I'm writing to gauge interest in a reroll guild based around a few key principles. I was part of a similar reroll a few months ago which was surprisingly fun, and different, but tanked after about a month due to lack of leadership (the GM disappeared, without word, after the first week, and I was left as the only officer, and the only person with invite privileges. It had its complications.) That said, it was the most fun I've had playing WoW since I started, and I'd like to give it another shot.

Here's the idea:

  • No random dungeon finder. We completely ban the use of the random dungeon finder, in an effort to bring back a sense of community the game has been missing since the addition of LFD. Instead of queuing up with some random people from random servers we aren't likely to speak a word to, or even think of afterwards, we group up and run dungeons the old fashioned way: by walking to them.

    It's crazy how much of this game we miss when we blow through it with LFD, power leveling to 85. When there's not enough people to run a dungeon, there's still plenty to do in-world. Questing, RP, world PVP, farming, whatever floats your boat. It's called WORLD of Warcraft, not Server Group of Warcraft. That is this guild's mission statement.
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  • WPVP, WPVP, WPVP. World PVP is an absolute must. As previously mentioned, it's called WORLD of Warcraft, not Random Battleground of Warcraft. This guild is present in its world, in every aspect of game play. There's a certain satisfaction about killing the opposing faction on your own server that can't be fully enjoyed in a random battleground. If BGs happen, they'll be with 5-man parties, and we'll run to the entrance. Arenas, which take far less time and offer considerable reward, are up for discussion.
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  • RP is encouraged. The server I've chosen is Emerald Dream (RP-PVP), for two important reasons: It's the most active of any server in WPVP, and has a thriving RP community to boot. RP is not required, but is absolutely encouraged, and at the very least we require compliance with the standards of an RP server (names, conduct, etc). RP is light-medium, with a loose guild storyline: a group of mercenaries/explorers pushing outward, conquering Azeroth for the Horde.
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  • Take it slow. We level cap at 60, 70, and 80 to explore vanilla and expansion content. Lots of us missed out on, or just miss, the old raids. No matter when you started playing WoW, we'll get a chance to run through them. Ultimately we'll play together through MoP, with the satisfaction of having really completed the previous content.
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    TL;DR. Reroll idea: Emerald Dream (RP-PVP), Horde, completely server-bound (no random dungeon finder or random battlegrounds unless we run to the world entrance as a group), WPVP/RP focused. Anyone interested?
    I am sorry to hear you had such bad luck with your group. I am glad to hear there are still people out there who enjoy the game the old fashioned way.

    Unfortunately I think what the other poster mentioned is a valid point. If you are too restrictive in your rules you will lose before you get far. Mostly because people are finicky and want things the easy way.

    I started a challenge guild a while ago and I have had some amazing people join me. Oddly enough only a few are left who started it with me and I still get new recruits often. I am going to say I love to be able to walk to the dungeon entrance and have rp all day every day. It is my primary focus now. I have done all the questing and dungeons, and I know that is the way most people level up. I am an altoholic and I love to create new characters and develop them.

    I invite you to stop by and see our thread and look at the Journal we posted to see our progress. It has beena bumpy but fun trip and we are still going. Almost to level 4 as a guild now.
    and then walking to instances provides more problems, Stocks, DMs and Gnomer(though gnomer wont be as hard do to the portal function)
    07/19/2012 06:12 AMPosted by Idodavoodoo
    and then walking to instances provides more problems, Stocks, DMs and Gnomer(though gnomer wont be as hard do to the portal function)

    Running Deadmines with the first reroll was probably the most fun I've had in years on WoW, actually. Sure you have to run all the way from STV through Duskwood to Westfall, but that's what made it fun. We got into several fights along the way, smashed some Alliance face, made it to the dungeon entrance only to be stopped by an 85 druid. We eventually got through the portal, and the run was far more rewarding than if we had just been transported there. It's about the journey and the adventure, not just running through a dungeon.

    It may be called World of Warcraft, but it is also World of WARcraft....wait did that make sense?

    It does make sense, which is why I think a reroll like this would be fun. When I think of War, I think of it happening on my own server, in the actual world, not on random battlegrounds.
    There is no way I'd be able to commit the time to this, but I love the idea.
    Sounds a bit too restrictive for my tastes, though it's an interesting idea.

    The one thing I -don't- miss about the older expansions was having to run all the way to the instance just to do it. That got old reeeaaaaally fast.
    07/19/2012 04:17 PMPosted by Seyl
    The one thing I -don't- miss about the older expansions was having to run all the way to the instance just to do it. That got old reeeaaaaally fast.

    EXACTLY. From 1-80 on my main, I think I did, what was it, three dungeons with my close-!@# friend.

    First: Deadmines. We never finished it.

    Second: Maraudon. We got into an endless loop where a worm kept shooting me in the face and killing me directly after resurrection. We spent something like two hours in there, it being just us two.

    Third: SUNKEN. $%^-ING. TEMPLE. This was before the upper levels were blocked off, and we had to do the whole puzzle thing with the caster dudes and the statue light pattern and the seemingly endless amounts of mobs... FOUR HOURS.
    I kind of miss those complicated dungeons. I did old Sunken Temple many times. I think I still remember the pattern to get the lights right. That said, things are not the same for a reason. People like it easy. They like getting automatic flight paths when you get the proper level. I am sure I am not the only one who does not miss RUNNING all over Azeroth instead of the flying we now have.

    The game has been made easier and faster to level. People race through their levels to get to 85. I admit I have done that. However there are hundreds of new little quests scattered around the world that I find interesting to do.

    I have slowed down, I have gotten my writers hat and made new characters and given them personalities. This is more fun to me than just simply the gear race and spending tons of gold replacing armor and weapons only to have them obsolete when you level up.
    Sounds like alot of fun...though if I did that I'd have to roll Alliance. I am a bit biased against Horde. Nothing thrills me more than catching one off guard..... :D
    What an awesome idea!

    As someone new to the RP side of the game, I bet this would be a GREAT way to begin learning. Is there a current status update on this, Kajamax?

    Please let me know if this is still in the makings!

    As someone new to the RP side of the game, I bet this would be a GREAT way to begin learning. Is there a current status update on this, Kajamax?

    Please let me know if this is still in the makings!

    It is a great way to begin learning! We'd tend to stay in groups, either in dungeons, world pvp, questing, etc, so there's plenty of opportunity for RP. I wasn't really able to generate much interest, though. A couple responses on the guild recruitment board, but both of them were opposed to the RP side. I think I may have missed a window for rerolls. Oh well.
    I would love to get into this, is your guild have any class or race restrictions? I like the sound of this RP guild.
    We have a very good group going on Cenarion Circle and always looking for more. The basic premise of the guild IC is to return Glory to the Sindorei, OOC it is a level 3 (slmost 4) guild in support of those doing a level to 85 without dying rp challenge. The rules are not harsh and we have at least one who made it to 85, our leader Kelltira.

    Anyone who is interested we would like to get more rpers who are into the storybased rp and staying in character. If you are new to the server it is great and we have need of more Horde. If you prefer Alliance there is a channel for rp called allianceooc. Ask in channel and state you are a new rper and get some wonderful people saying hello and offering help and rp. It does not matter if you are new to rp or an old hand at it.
    I plan on rerolling on Emerald Dream once MoP launches. Seems like the perfect home for my panda. I'll keep an eye out for you =)
    Any chance of it still being formed?
    Hi! Sorry it's been a few days since I updated this. I wasn't sure if it was going to happen, but it seems like between this thread and the guild recruitment forum it's generating some steam. Unless there are any huge objections, I've settled on Emerald Dream, Alliance side. I'd like to hold a meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday 7/25, at 7:00pm PST. If you're interested in getting involved at the beginning, or being an officer, roll a character and join us. My toon's name is Hewey, and we'll be in a channel of the same name. /join hewey.

    If you're interested but can't make it tomorrow night please post here, as I'll be updating this with more information as we get things sorted out.
    I created a character on RD, NE mage Solielienne. Hope to see you and discuss times and rules.
    Pacific time is my time. Although I am not adverse to doing things late at night. Perhaps we can find some Aussies or Oceanic players who are looking for rp late night?

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