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Excellent! Looking forward to meeting you :)

07/25/2012 01:02 AMPosted by Karamia
Although I am not adverse to doing things late at night. Perhaps we can find some Aussies or Oceanic players who are looking for rp late night?

I'm often on late at night, as well, from around midnight to 3 or 4am PST.
I seem to have had my days mixed up. Is this thing still happening? I'm interested in it if you could give some info. Thanks.
I'd be more than interested in this as well if it's still a thing!
I am on Emerald Dream if anyone wants to join me. I made a thread, but did not get any answers. My idea is to be slow and careful about the whole idea. Take time to explore the world and stay in character. I am up late at night. Pacific time zone. Anyone wants to join me leave a note in here and let me know. I am open to either side, just give me an idea of what time and if the server is ok. I have room on Wyrmrest Accord as well as Farstriders.

This is definutely an rp idea and not about a rush to 85.

My other thread, and all are welcome to join me, just be serious about the rp please. No catgirls, sons of Arthas or dragons please!!
Guess this died, I have not seen anyone on when I log in. And no replies here either.
I still want this to happen. I didn't see the post about the meeting, but I hope it is still happening.
I'm also interested in this. If you can give a confirmation that this is Still a Thing I'll roll up a new character on Emerald Dream.
OP has not responded in many days, I think he gave up or something. Who wants to join me and form a tightknit group of at least 5? Need a tank and healer and a couple dps. This character is a Highborn Elf who is just beginning her training in magic and trying to stay out of trouble. She would be more comfy with other Night elves or Highborn, though she is curious about humans and draenei.

I play mostly late at night in Pacific timezone. Tell me your normal times to play and when we can meet.
It amazes me how someone can make a thread and never check back for anyone interested? I have a druid NE named Pfaedra and a horde mage named Kaevelara. Just tell me when you are on, I am looking for late night players. Pacific time zone.
If the folks who were interested in this before are still interested, I'd like to apologize for the complete lack of updates/information. Shortly after posting this I went on a 3 week vacation, without a computer. To be honest I assumed interest had fizzled out anyway, but if people are still into it and happen to see this bump, maybe we can try again to organize this.

The server would be Emerald Dream (RP-PVP), faction is Alliance, and we'd be rerolling from scratch (no BOAs, monetary assistance from alts, etc). The basic idea is a group that gets back into the actual WORLD of Warcraft, forgoing random dungeon finder, battlegrounds, etc, in favor of exploring the regular game world. If we want to run dungeons, we do them together as a group the old fashioned way. World PVP is a huge focus.

Again, sorry for dropping off the face of the earth. If y'all are still out there, let me know and let's try getting this off the ground.
I am assuming you are looking for dedicated rpers who like to pvp? I have a few newer alts and can join in if you are serious. But putting up a comment like this and then ignoring it is not dedication in my mind.
Exactly, Noar. I'd like this to be RP-PVP focused, something that Emerald Dream does quite well and I think the guidelines for this group would lend itself to World PVP. And again, I apologize for the lack of attention to this thread previously. I don't have any more vacations planned, so I won't be randomly disappearing again.
As soon as you have a few more interested let me know in here I will post on my mage. Alli side NE mage level 9 so far.
I am still here waiting for the late night crowd. Anyone? I am online right now and looking for friends. Add me or leave a name here without those special characters, I hate those!! And we can get started!
Necro'ing this thread to give it one more shot. There has been a lot of chatter recently on the general discussion board lamenting the downfall of the social aspect of WoW, so in a thread on that forum I proposed this same reroll idea again. It's a guild that doesn't use random dungeon finder, in an effort to bring back a sense of community that was lost once LFD was introduced. The main thread is here: , but if you're interested feel free to respond in either place. Better yet, add my battletag, JohnyAwesome#1566, and I'll be in touch.
hey kara ill come on to emerald dream with you :)
Sure why no, but it will have to be a set time and day ech week to do this. I have too many alts as it is!!

For all those who have expressed interest in being a part of this group, we're going to meet in-game tomorrow, Sunday 9/16, between noon and 1pm PST. We'll be creating the guild, laying out any ground rules, and discussing which specs we need for a well-rounded group that can run dungeons and put out some hurt in world PVP. We'll vote on a name as well, so be thinking about it over the next day. I'm leaning towards <Wanderlust Company>, but I'm open to ideas.

If you want to start leveling your character, please just cap yourself at 10 (or as soon as you get out of the starting zone, for goblins) to give people a chance to join us without getting too far ahead. Also we can pick specs together.

We'll be on Emerald Dream, Horde side. My characters name is Kajamax, and for the meeting tomorrow we'll be in a channel with the same name. Just /join Kajamax between noon and 1pm. Feel free to add me to your friends list also, battletag JohnyAwesome#1566. If you can't make it, just shoot me a message in-game or leave a note here, and you can join up once the guild is started.

09/14/2012 09:23 PMPosted by Aelastus
hey kara ill come on to emerald dream with you :)

Great! I hope you can make it to the meeting tomorrow to help get this off the ground!

Sure why no, but it will have to be a set time and day ech week to do this. I have too many alts as it is!!

If you're able to make it tomorrow, Solielienne, we can probably discuss everyone's general play times and see if maybe you can squeeze us in :)
i am so interested...
09/15/2012 09:18 PMPosted by Jolanthel
i am so interested...

Excellent! If you're able to make it to the meeting tomorrow, awesome, if not just get in touch with me (Kajamax on Emerald Dream) whenever you're able. We "start" tomorrow, but we'll be accepting newcomers at any point after that.

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