403 ilvl Prot Pally 6/8 heroic. Needs a team

Hello Hyjal,

I'm Naharal. I am a prot pally who is highly knowledgeable about my class and I would consider myself a hardcore progression raider. I don't feel like I am a weak link and I take the game very seriously. My item lvl is 403 I am avoidance capped (Obviously) and am working towards a stamina build. I am looking for a team that raids monday-thursday at 8pm to whenever. Also the team I am looking for hates quitting and accepts wiping as long as we down the freaking boss, also the team must hate whiners.

I will transfer my toon for a team that is in need of a Main Tank. The reason i am transfering is because I took on a job that requires me to work late 10pm eastern time so when i am done work everyone is done raiding on my eastern time zone realm. So i need to be on a pacific time zone realm so I can get some damn progression done. Since it is now 30% nerf it is making me look bad that i am not 8/8 heroic ds.

Are you looking to raid strictly in the evenings? or are mornings a possibility for you?

If so check us out @ www.the-aftermath.net
<Delusion> Is a 10 man raiding guild. We are currently 6/8 heroic and raid Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-9:00 eastern time. We are looking for an off tank if you are interested in joining.
I am not an off tank yet, i would need to do a little bit of work on my ret spec. The team i am leaving i was main tank. I need 8pm PST start time since i work to 10pm EST time.

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