Looking for WoW Factor Sponsors

Earthen Ring
Within the past 6 months the WoW Factor transmog show has made 2 stops on the Earthen Ring server and the shows have been phenomenal. So I'm looking for any potential sponsors to bring the show back for a third time. Generally a prize pool of 75k is warranted to hold the show and provide a variety of prizes for the winners.. and no this is no gold scheme. Feel free to check out their website for the validity of it at:


Also here's a link to the last show we had which was a great success.


Just shoot me some in game mail if your interested in being a part of a sponsorship to bring the WoW factor back for another run on Earthen Ring.
I'd be interested in it. I do have a lot of toons with cool sets and a lot of my friends are into it as well.

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