GASCAR: Season Four March 17th

Wyrmrest Accord
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Class-A season allows all ground mounts to race, machine or beast!

GASCAR is an exciting and cherished racing series on Wyrmrest Accord (US) in which members of the Horde gather to achieve and compete over high speeds in motorised vehicles all across the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and even the Outland! The races are typically designed to last 20 minutes, providing enough time to shake up the placings and be worth the trip, without being too long to become boring. The events are based in part by Formula 1 racing, Wacky Races, and The Love Bug. Everyone of the Horde is welcome to race, so long as they have a 50g entry fee and a mechanical ground mount. Everyone's also welcome to come to the races and spectate.

Season 3 Recap
by Trixxiz Trueshock on Dec 09, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Season 3 has just ended with a new series record that can never truly be beaten -- but can be matched. Viernala has taken the top of the season with a perfect run, earning a 10.0 in the driver averages having never placed anything but 1st. As a result of such a flawless run, her massive 118.7 points guaranteed first place. Following her is long-running team-mate Tarlaynia with 45.0 points, and very promising newcomer Lance Topsail finishing the podium with 39.8 points. Filling in the rest of the prize-earners are Gellix with 25.5 points, Vauldren with 20.6 points, and Kaydin with 17.8.

Also filling in the podium for driver averages are Lance Topsail with an impressive 5.33, and Gellix with 3.75, just barely bumping Tarlaynia into 4th. For Team standings is, of course, R3 at the top with 84 points, The Grey Legion in second with 31, and Trapdoor Enterprises and Flashfire Academy tying in third with 28 points each.

What's in store for the next season? Will Viernala and her R3 team continue to dominate, or will newcomers break the winning streak and challenge for 1st? Only time will reveal. Over the coming weeks, various details will be revealed about the next season. Keep an eye on the news!

Season Four!
by Trixxiz Trueshock on Mar 11, 2013 at 05:11 AM
Season 4 will begin on March 17th. No rules or regulations changes occur for the winter season, and scoring will remain the same. New, however, will be a lifetime driver average counting records from Season 3 and onward, and two new races. The records for Seasons 1 and 2 have been lost and unless able to be recovered, will not apply to the lifetime driver averages. The two new races flank both ends of the season, beginning with the Orgrimmar Circuit on March 17th and the Transoceanic Grand Prix on July 28th. The racing schedule also sees the return of the Khaz Modan Run and the Lordaeron Circuit in addition to the regular Bilgewater Circuit, Rocketway Relay, and Blackrock Circuit.

Orgrimmar Circuit: March 17th, Time: 5pm Pacific
Rocketway Relay: March 24th, Time: TBA
Deadwind Circuit: April 14th, Time: TBA
Bogpaddle Relay: April 21st, Time: TBA
Blackrock Circuit: May 12th, Time: TBA
Khaz Modan Run: May 26th, Time: TBA
Lordaeron Circuit: June 9th, Time: TBA
Stonetalon Run: June 30th, Time: TBA
Bilgewater Circuit: July 7th, Time: TBA
Transoceanic Grand Prix: July 28th, Time: TBA

Season 5: August 25th
Now for the new stuff! Introducing the first new feature of GASCAR: Teams!


New to Season 3 will be the introduction of teams. These are not something drivers will have to consciously think about if they do not want to. By default, a driver's team is their guild. They may, if they wish, declare a different team separate from their guild. Base points earned by drivers will be added to their team points, amongst the two highest-placing racers from the team each race. A team ranking will join the driver standings report and awards given to the top teams.

The goal of this is to encourage team-focused RP in addition to encouraging more people to come to the races. Whereas a person who could not make a race one time before may simply not show, hopefully with teamplay they will find a guildmate to race for them when they themselves cannot make it. It should also encourage some more exciting rivalry and more spectators, getting the guilds behind the racers involved. Ideally, more guilds like Sho'kai's!

Those interested in establishing teams that are not attributed to their guild (such as 2-3 players who are in different guilds but want to be on the same team) should contact Trixxiz. Also, large guilds with many interested members may want to create a second team with which to represent their guild. Keep in mind that points earned for one team will not transfer if the racer changes teams mid-way through a season, so choose teams carefully!

As an example, there are three teams racing: Prancing Pony, Toro Azzuro, and Tulip. Each team has two drivers. There are four drivers from the guild Monochrome Dash, who have created Prancing Pony and Toro Azzuro. One of the drivers for Toro Azzuro, who has earned 30 points for their team with a total of 50, leaves the guild and starts their own McBananafone team. The driver still holds onto his 30 points, but McBananafone starts with 0 and Toro Azzuro still retains 50. In the next race, if the driver earns 5 and his team-mate earns none, McBananafone will be at 5 points. Thus, determining your teams before the season is important!

Contact Trixxiz about team creation! Your default team will be your guild. Guild leaders and RP officers should speak with their guild members about representing their guilds and entering races! The top teams will earn prizes!
Scoring System

The scoring system has received a complete overhaul. Instead of the winner always receiving 10 points, the points awarded for placing will instead scale to the number of participants, with a minimum of 4 points to the winner in a 1v1 race, and 25 points in races with 14 or more participants. Additional points may be awarded for races which reach 10 participants. This will encourage frequent racers to bring in additional people to race for higher potential points, whereas the previous system encouraged trying to keep participation numbers low to increase odds of scoring high. As always, the season-ending race will award amount-and-a-half. See the table below for points distribution.

In addition, a further amount of bonus points will be awarded based on a percentage of the season-long base points of the drivers beaten in the race. Thus, a driver who places 2nd ahead of the season champion will earn more points than a driver who places 2nd ahead of a one-time entrant. These bonus points continue to be modified throughout the season retroactively as the drivers' season base points increase.

Points awarded based on the number of racers. Far left is last place and far right is first place. This table may be subject to adjustments or modifications before the launch of the season, but not during.

2 racers: 2-4
3 racers: 2-3-4
4 racers: 2-3-4-6
5 racers: 2-3-4-6-8
6 racers: 1-2-3-4-6-10
7 racers: 1-2-3-4-6-8-12
8 racers: 0-1-2-3-4-6-8-12
9 racers: 0-0-1-2-3-4-6-10-14
10racers: 0-0-1-2-3-4-5-7-10-14
11racers: 0-0-0-1-2-3-4-5-7-12-18
12racers: 0-0-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-8-12-20
13racers: 0-0-0-0-1-2-4-5-6-8-10-15-22
14racers: 0-0-0-0-1-2-4-6-8-10-12-15-18-25
New Races in Season 3
by Trixxiz Trueshock on Aug 05, 2012 at 06:02 PM

Introducing two new races for Season 3 of GASCAR: The Shattrath Circuit and the Bogpaddle Relay.

The Shattrath Circuit takes the idea of the figure-eight in the Lordaeron Circuit and takes it too far -- introducing the cloverleaf circuit. Not only will drivers be corssing paths frequently, but obstacles exist and turns are very hidden, making it easy to go off course. It begins in the southwest corner facing outward from the center and curves to the right, making a right at the next entrance to cross through the center of the city. Upon exiting the central building on the other side, another right is made only to make a right at the next entrance -- the place of origin, only going the opposite way -- to cross through the center of the city again. This process continues until reaching the point of origin going in the same direction as when started; this marks one lap.

See more here:

The Bogpaddle Relay is the resurrection of an older, retired race named the Bogpaddle Run. It was retired because it was too short, but it makes for an excellent relay race. The starting line is at the northern bridge in Deadwind Pass, same as the Deadwind Circuit. Racers will then make their way east, into the Swamp of Sorrows, travel through Bogpaddle, make a sharp left west and then a right north onto a high mountain road in Redridge before coming down into the Burning Steppes where they will then find their way towards the bottom of the Blackrock Mountain ramp. From there, they turn back and make their way to the starting point, completing one relay.

See more here:

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the new courses and with the rules.. doing such could make the difference between first and last places.
New Feature: Driver and Team Bios
by Trixxiz Trueshock on Aug 12, 2012 at 07:15 AM
New for season 3 is a section on the website showcasing details about each driver: their podium finishes, nationality, team allegiance, lifetime points earned, their car, and their bio. Pages have retroactively been given to previous season champions, and pages will automatically be given to podium finishers from season 3 onward. All teams will also automatically have pages created from them. In order to add, change, or update details from your page, contact Trixxiz.

You can see the new pages here:
Season 3 Schedule

Found here are detailed pages on each course in GASCAR. They are organised by order of appearance in the current season. The dates in this schedule may change as the season progresses. Also note that traditionally, GASCAR dates follow F1 dates. There are several races this season which deviate from the pattern.

Silvermoon Circuit
Date: September 2nd
Location: Silvermoon, Quel'thalas
Laps: 17

Bogpaddle Relay (New for Season 3!)
Date: September 16th
Start: North Deadwind Pass Bridge
Relay Point: Blackrock Mountain

Blackrock Circuit
Date: October 7th
Location: Blackrock Mountain, Azeroth
Laps: 20

Stonetalon Run
Date: October 14th

Lordaeron Circuit
Date: October 28th
Location: Eastern Ruins of Lordaeron, Lordaeron
Laps: 25

Rocketway Relay
Date: November 4th
Start: Southern Rocketway Terminus, Azshara
Relays: 2

Bilgewater Circuit
Date: November 18th
Location: Bilgewater, Azshara
Laps: 25

Shattrath Circuit (New for Season 3!)
Date: November 25th
Location: Shattrath City, The Outland
Laps: 13

Kalimdor Grand Prix
Date: December 9th
Start: The Dam, Uldum
Finish: Frostwhisper Gorge, Winterspring
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Update posted above showing the new scoring system.
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Captain Placeholder greets you with a hearty hello!

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My sincerest of apologies to Admiral Placeholder. I have updated the text above with his correct rank.
The Azeroth Grand Prix intrigues me :)
This is one of my favourite events!
Hey Trixxiz, I had an idea for an in game raffle and would like to discuss a prize idea with you. Please contact me as soon as you can. Love the idea by the way!
Have I told you lately how much you rock, Trix? Cause you do! Gascar is BACK baby!
What makes this extremely sad is that I would -love- to do this, but my Sundays are notorious busy, and I don't think I'd be able to attend. That being said, do you simply show up at a race if you wish to participate?
Rengi: I'll send you mail in game.

Taldin: Yep, just have to show up before it begins!
See post #4 for the latest info: new races in Season 3!
New website feature unveiled! Driver & Team pages!
*cheer!* This is awesome Trixxiz!

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