GASCAR: Season Four March 17th

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Now I really want a steam tank mount in the game.
Season schedule has been posted! Note that all races begin at 6pm server time (9pm Eastern) this season.
08/12/2012 09:07 AMPosted by Voragos
Now I really want a steam tank mount in the game.

You might be onto something there...but what good'll that do you in one of these races? :P
Blow up the competitors Wacky Races style!
*support bump!*
Race 1 is just a week away! Here's the skinny on it:

Silvermoon Circuit
Location: Silvermoon City, Quel'Thalas
Laps: 17
Par Lap Time: 1:10
Direction: Clockwise
First Introduced: Season 2
Weather: Warm & sunny.
Challenges: Crowded streets.

Season 2 Results
1st: The Wizard
2nd: Voshin
3rd: Khozmo
4th: Tarlaynia
5th: Sho'kai

The Circuit
The Silvermoon Circuit will capture the attention of all sorts of people! This should be a spectator-heavy race, so drivers will want to put on their best show. The Silvermoon Circuit will loop around through the Court of the Sun, the Royal Exchange, the Walk of Elders, and Murder Row. Meeting area will be the Lower Court of the Sun, near where the Forge is.

For Spectators
The sidewalks along the course roadways are off-limits to drivers and will provide excellent plays to watch the race and remain close to the action.

Circuit Rules
All drivers must remain on the white stone paved roadways, with exception to the red stone paved area around the start/finish line.
Also be sure to look over the rules and regulations here:

Here's a run-down of rules that are either new or have changed since last season. Several of them are just re-wordings for clarification. The italics are the changed sections.

  • Unique mounted speed-enhancing abilities and tricks are forbidden unless they are accessible to anyone or affects everyone within a raid group. (On a Pale Horse is forbidden. Crusader Aura, benefiting multiple people, is allowed. Due to the nature, the guild perk Mount Up! is also allowed. Note that with Cata changes, all DKs will have On a Pale Horse and will thus be ineligible for races unless allowed by the following rule.)
  • Speed-enhancing abilities such as the DK ability, On A Pale Horse, are allowed ONLY when the driver does not have the guild perk, Mount Up! and the ability provides up to but not exceeding the same speed boost as would be granted by the Mount Up! guild perk.
  • When beginning a race in an environment in which rain or snow is falling, the driver must drink 5 Bourbons (or 3 Sulfuron Slammers or any other combination of Strong to Extremely Potent drinks which takes them to being completely smashed) to ensure proper body temperature in these cold environments. This rule is ignored if rain or snow begins to fall after a race has already begun. This rule also applies to single-zone relay races.
  • Races begin SHARPLY at their designated time. If you wish to enter, arrive at least 15 minutes before race time.
  • Drivers must have completed at least three races to be eligible for scoring on the driver averages standings unless the number of season races is less than three. Season averages are based off of the old 10-6-4-3-2-1 scoring system so that small races do not penalise the averages of those who participate, and so that averages in future seasons can easily be compared with past seasons.
  • Re-mount penalty: The driver will be asked to dismount and remount.
  • Rank drop: The driver will be reduced in the race's placings by one position for each rank drop penalty. This is usually issued when re-mount penalties cannot feasibly be given, when multiple violations have been found, or when a violation is confirmed after the driver has finished. Multiple rank drop penalties may be issued if it is determined that a prohibited move provided enough benefit to move ahead by several positions.
  • Disqualification: The driver is considered not to have entered the race at all, but still receives an entry of 0 on the driver averages. A driver with only DQs in their racing history will not appear on the driver standings. This is usually issued when gross violations have occurred, or when a driver fails to comply with orders on a re-mount penalty. A DQ may be paired with a decrease in season total points.
  • Race points are awarded as follows for finishing positions in each standard race with 6 participants: 1st: 10; 2nd: 6; 3rd: 4; 4th: 3; 5th: 2; 6th: 1. These numbers scale based on the number of participants. See the table below.
  • 10% of the season base points earned by drivers will be added to all better-placing drivers retroactively in each race as bonus points.

See the full list of rules and regulations at
Added to the rules:

Participants must be on the Wyrmrest Accord server to be eligible to race.

This is because of the difficulties of trading gold between servers and correspondence after the race.
Added to the rules:

Participants must be on the Wyrmrest Accord server to be eligible to race.

This is because of the difficulties of trading gold between servers and correspondence after the race.

Not to mention, in many of the long cross-continent runs, participants from other servers may phase out in the middle of the race *heh*
It's race day! I hope y'all have gotten a few practice laps completed!
Race day is my favorite day!

For those of you who have a slight interest in GASCAR, but haven't decided to make the jump yet, let me tell you, it's a ton of fun! This is the third season I've been a part of, and I mainly spectated the first two seasons!

It doesn't matter if you're a driver, racing coach, cheerleader or fan, GASCAR offers a great basis for some fun RP and competition. Hopefully we can get together before/after the races to get to know each other a little better this season!

See you out on the course!

Added a penalty, because the remount penalty seemed too harsh for some situations, such as going off the track for only a very short time.

Swerve penalty: The driver will be asked to swerve off the driving line and return to it, take a turn on the wide side, or a similar action which increases their completing time by a small amount. This is issued for minor infractions in which a re-mount is too severe.

Note that once the season begins, as in 2 hours from now, the rules are locked in as they are for the rest of the season unless deemed absolutely necessary for the functionality of the races themselves.
Results from today's GASCAR Race: Silvermoon Circuit. In 1st was Vauldren (17.5), 2nd Kaydin (11.5), and 3rd Tarlaynia (6.9). Top teams so far this season are Trapdoor Enterprise (25), Corvidae (6), and House Starfallen (4).

Next GASCAR race will be the Bogpaddle Relay on September 16th at 6pm server. Starting point the northern bridge in Deadwind Pass. See for more information.
This Sunday!

Bogpaddle Relay
Start: Deadwind Pass North Bridge, Azeroth
Relay Point: Blackrock Mountain Ramp, Azeroth
Relays: 2
Par Section Time: 7:07
First Introduced: Season 3
Weather: Hot & humid, hot & dry.
Challenges: Path selection, swampland, dangerous cliffs.

The Course
The Bogpaddle Relay is the resurrection of an older, retired race named the Bogpaddle Run. It was retired because it was too short, but it makes for an excellent relay race. The starting line is at the northern bridge in Deadwind Pass, same as the Deadwind Circuit. Racers will then make their way east, into the Swamp of Sorrows, travel through Bogpaddle, make a sharp left west and then a right north onto a high mountain road in Redridge before coming down into the Burning Steppes where they will then find their way towards the bottom of the Blackrock Mountain ramp. From there, they turn back and make their way to the starting point, completing one relay.

For Spectators
The ramp at Blackrock Mountain will ensure to-the-second knowledge on the winners of the race. The town of Bogpaddle will also make an excellent viewing location, with plenty of drinks to go around.

Circuit Rules
Starting point is the eastern end of the northern bridge in Deadwind Pass.
Relay point is the bottom of the ramp leading to Blackrock Mountain.
Duskwood is off-limits.
All waterways must be crossed by bridge.
Race day is today!
Last Race Results
Bogpaddle Relay
1st - Viernala
2nd - Nezziana
3rd - Vo'shin
4th - Kaydin
5th - Qizik

Season Standings
1st Vauldren [18]
2nd Kaydin [15.2]
3rd Viernala [10.8]
4th Nezziana [8.2]
5th Tarlaynia [7.1]
6th Vo'shin [5.8]

1st --- [0.00]
2nd --- [0.00]
3rd --- [0.00]

1st Trapdoor Ent. [28]
2nd Healing Rain [8]
3rd Corvidae [6]
3rd For Her Tallest [6]

View full standings:

Next Race: Blackrock Circuit
The deadliest race in Azerothian history!
October 7th, 6pm server
I just want to add how close of a race it was, and give a shoutout to Nezziana who came up with an incredibly smart route that took me a full lap and a quarter to regain my initial lead. It was literally a photo finish, and we battled it out head to head all the way through Dustwallow Marsh. Looking forward to another incredible race in Blackrock!

Qizik, hang in there! Just throw in a little more practice, plan your route carefully and you'll be up front with the rest of us! Love you!

To everybody who didn't come, join us next race! It really is fun, and we're planning a small get together before the next race, just to get to know each other. Come out! It's still not too late to win the season!

Also! I'm forming a team for the next race, if you want to get in on this elite racing group, send me a letter in game and we'll work it out! Expect in-character race practices and mentoring. Racing uniforms will be provided.
Have you had any Alliance racing with you? Unofficially of course.
Speaking from my experience with GASCAR on other toons, there's been at least one time I remember when Alliance raced with us, I think they were even part of the competition... however we don't do that anymore because a lot of the time we go through Horde areas or past Horde-friendly NPC's, and it provides a really bad penalty for them.

You should come to the red-side though and race with us!

(Edited: Sleepy mistakes!)
There was one race in season 1 where someone paid the entrance fee with a horde character and then tried to race with their alliance character with a transporter malfunction thing disguising them as a Tauren, I think. I allowed it, but it turned out to be a huge mistake because not all of the rules were communicated very well and he spent the whole race unknowingly cutting corners. Since then I don't think we've had any alliance even try to race along.

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