Mists of Pandaria Launches Sept. 25

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Hm. Guess I will pre-order it.
07/27/2012 08:39 AMPosted by Vindor
Maybe it's a silly question but can i get normal version and later (like in mid November) upgrade to Deluxe edition?

Somewhat related

Has it been discussed why you can't download a FLAC/MP3/AAC/ETC for the soundtrack?

What about downloading the behind the scenes DVD that we burn ourselves.

Or a PDF of the books.

These seem like something that can be supplied in the digital copy....
How is this a bad thing! you get to buy both on the same day xD. Like my dad would have said-"Saves you a trip and some bucks worth of gas, now go do your chores john."
Im not really looking forward to it but my boyfriend already pre-ordered it so i guess i am giving it a go.
I pre-purchased yesterday in a pack with all the game expansions. Was kinda cheap. Can't wait to play it!
07/25/2012 08:34 AMPosted by Dimun
I will be going back to college and won't have time to level to 90 until late December. I really hope blizz rethinks about this and how much money they will lose if they stick with Sept 25th day.

You do know, it doesn't revolve around you.
were ther going to be talent tree changes befor MoP comes out like befor ?
any idea when the encrypted pre-load will hit so i know when to leave the launcher running? I am aware the pre-load will not give early access but would still like to know when it is going to hit if you guys know
If I pre-order the deluxe edition, is there a way to split the payment between two cards? I have a prepaid Visa, but it doesn't have the full $59.99 on it and can't be re-filled. Or do I have to go with the regular digital or pre-order from like Gamestop and upgrade to deluxe at a later time?(which I would guess would be another $59.99...)
It is VERY inconsiderate that you are launch on Yom Kippur - the holiest day of the year for Jews. Would you launch on December 25? No.

Does this make Blizzard anti-semetic?
My guess is they simply did not bother to check holidays prior to setting a release date.
It is VERY inconsiderate that you are launch on [a holiday] - the [best] day of the year for [people]. Would you launch on December 25? No.

I would imagine that any religion would have never played a part in determining the date for the release. It was just a coincidence. I would be careful how you proceed in this type of conversation, as it can be offensive depending upon the beliefs of others.
Any info on if we'll be able to "Diablo 3" Mists?

What I mean is if we buy a digital version, and a physical CE addition, will we be able to 'upgrade' our account and get a couple of free months like we did for Diablo 3? Or would we be stuck with 2 game licences.

I for one would love to get the physical CE because I always love the behind-the-scenes DvD stuff, and the Artbooks (the mousepad is nice too!), however getting the Physical CE on the release date where I live may be difficult, and I'm not really in a position to be able to (or willing) to wait the extra day or two to start leveling.

Love when GMs / blue posts dont reply to question like this >.<
I think it's brilliant, there will not be as many kids online. Making overall gaming exp for seasoned players to ENJOY the new expansion before the kids all get in there and start screwing it up for everyone else
just started playing wow a month ago. even i cant wait to play mop!!!!!!!
Can't wait :)

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