Mists of Pandaria Launches Sept. 25

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Any word on whether or not patch 5.0 will remove the Heroic Ragnaros and Madness mounts, similar to what we saw with Mimiron's Head and Invincible in Patch 4.0?
Any information on what will be in the CE box set would be greatly appreciated.
Will there be an opportunity to claim x months of game time if I were to pre-purchase the digital version to ensure I could log in at midnight, and then upgrade to the Retail Collector's Edition when the physical box were delivered?

Similar to how the Diablo 3 Retail CE upgrade worked.

Edit: I realized that the gametime credit only applied to those who had signed up for the Annual Pass and then purchased the physical D3 Collector's Edition, so it may seem likely that there will not be a similar offer for Mists upgrades.
07/25/2012 09:05 AMPosted by Meltheous
Any word on whether or not patch 5.0 will remove the Heroic Ragnaros and Madness mounts, similar to what we saw with Mimiron's Head and Invincible in Patch 4.0?

They will likely become extremely rare drop chances. Mimiron's Head and Invincible were not removed in 4.0, they were just changed to be extremely rare drops, instead of guaranteed drops.
Do we have a breakdown of the CE contents? We've seen the DDE of course but for those of us who just have to have that aged looking box on the shelf, I thought I'd ask.

We can assume

Game Disk,
Art Book,
Mouse mat,
Game Card Deck,
In Game Mount,
In Game Pet.
If I pre-ordered the collectors edition at a retailer, would I get a key to unlock the pre-download? Do I have to download anything if I get the CE and use the CD to install? My internet is so slow I want to be able to play the day of the release, not 4-5 days later because I couldn't pre-download.
07/25/2012 09:03 AMPosted by Zemocrates
So what is the ETA of the pre-expansion patch (5.0.1) that puts in all the massive changes to talents, glyphs, etc.?

Doesn't it usually come out a month before the expac release? So around August 25?
Will the mount and pet be available as soon as I pre-order of will they not be delivered until launch day?
Best Exspansion yet story Line #1 #1
so i may be asian but mop story still #1#1
Can I just say...

Called it.

Anyone that forums regularly will recall me saying for the past few months "MOP will launch in mid-to-late September".

No-one believed me. D:
Question. When you pull the pet outta your mailbox for previous editions, you get an achievement ((ie, Collector's Edition: Lil' Deathwing.)) Will this achievement still come up for those who get their pet VIA Digital Delux? Will there be alternate versions of the achievement (one for DD and one for CE?)
How do i start the download? when i open the launcher it says it's up to date.
OMG, right before my vacation! I will actually have a whole TEN DAYS OFF TO PLAY!
I <3 you Blizz!!!!!

Can you please offer people who preorder the Collector's Edition the ability to download the client digitally?

It doesn't seem fair that the customers who pay a premium for the CE are often not able to play due to various fulfillment issues with the retailer.

Please consider this.
Now I'm not the most religious person in the world, actually about as far from it as possible but I have to ask does no one at the Blizzard offices have a calendar? The night of September 25th starts what could be argued as the holiest day of the year for Jewish people around the world, Yom Kippur. That's the day you're going to release the new xpac? Seriously? Not sure who came up with the release date, but they really should pull their head out of their rectum.

Really bad idea.... :(
TY for the link

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