[RAGE] 5/8H Recruiting

RAGE of US-Proudmoore|Alliance

RAGE is 6/8H half way into the second week of forming this guild in mid July, 2012. We have collectively had experience throughout 8/8H Dragonsoul prior to forming. Our mission is to progress with good standings as a guild on this server throughout all current content and push our way into Mists of Pandaria with due success.

Raid Times
Tuesday - Thursday 4:30 to 7:30 PST

Raider - Holy Paladin, Ele/Enhance Shaman, Warlock, Warrior Tank/DPS
PvP - All classes and specs
Casual - All classes and specs

*We are also looking for people who are wanting to be playing the new Monk class in MoP as their main raider. This type of applicant must state in doing so and know that their main character that they’re applying with will be put at the appropriate status if accepted until that time comes.

Perks of RAGE

  • Tight-knit guild of friends
  • Weekly Xmog and Achievement runs
  • Low drama guild
  • Excellent leadership
  • Willingness to help eachother
  • Competitive Raiding
  • Expectations of RAGE

  • Ability to know and play your class and spec to the best of your knowledge
  • Raiders that show up on time or give due notice when they cannot due to RL situations
  • Collective help and farming for raid mats and guild achievements
  • At least 4/8 Heroic Dragonsoul Experience and some older content HM experience
  • Researching upcoming and current encounters for preparedness
  • Best possible gems and enchants
  • Minimum 395 ilevel on your main character, although 400 is preferred
  • Website

    Officers (in game)
    Vitt, Xeroheals and Kaydä

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