Quest Items Suggestion

I posted this on the General Forum, but wasn't getting the traffic I was expecting. So i'll post it here.
I doubt this will work. Since TBC the dev team hasn't been listening to their playerbase, but oh well.

I am suggesting that instead of quest items taking up space in your inventory, that there be an extra tab on the quest window itself with slots for quest items to go into, completely seperate from your bags. I just think this would make the game run a lot smoother, so you never get the "Your inventory is full" when trying to pick up quests.

You could get even more in depth and add a 'sort' option, where you can see exactly what level the quest was that you needed that certain quest item. I'm sure I'm not the only one that hits level 83 and still has Northrend quest items filling up there bags due to undone quests.

Just a thought.

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