Are you 8/8 reg and looking for heroics?

Aerie Peak
Currently forming a Dragonsoul raid team you don't need to join a guild this will just be a raid team full of people wanting to progress heroics. This group will meet weekly at 12:00pm server time Tuesday and Wednesday. In game mail me or dealornoheal for information or if you want to join the team. Also you can comment below and we'll get back to you.

Must be atleast 8/8 reg heroic exp is always nice.
Raid leaders are 6/8-8/8heroic.

Must have vent
And this has absolutely nothing to do with you getting your dagger, correct? You have a handful of kills on normal and zero on heroics...

Give me some incentives to join you so I know you won't abandon the task once you get your daggers...

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