DS / MoP 10 Man Team Recruitment

*** Update 7/25 ***

We are looking to add a couple people to our 10 man roster to wrap up heroic DS content and then advance to MoP! Our team comprises of roughly half <Non Combat Pet> and half from other guilds.

We're looking for a protection pally and 1 dps (moonkin, enh. shaman pref).

Our current progression is 5/8H, although some of our members have completed 8/8H previously. Our raid times are Tuesday, 5-8PM server time. We will be adding a weekend day once we hit heroic spine. When MoP launches, we will be changing our schedule to weekends. Specific days and times will be a majority vote amongst everyone on the team.

For more information please contact Contagium, Kthanid, or Lilandriã ingame.
Interested in coming on to fill the melee DPS spot. ilvl 404 (with Legendaries) and 3/8H so far with DS10. Planning on transferring to Proudmoore tonight.
Hi Contagium, I am also interested in this position due to my new work schedule, I can no longer raid with inception =[ <3 As you can see I do have 5/8 hm achieve on this toon, with warmaster on my lock. So in other words i know what im doing =p What can I bring to group? A strong will to succeed, Pro dps, Knowledge, And Love <3

Hope to hear from you soon

*** Update ***

Looking for a holy pally and 1 dps (moonkin, enh. shaman preferred).

For more information please contact Contagium/Colpocele, Kthanid, or Lilandriã ingame.
Holy paladins...where you at?
If you respec I will personally bake you digital cookies and deliver them by turtle.
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