[H]Illusion LF 463+ Mage, Blood DK 10s!

**Last Update: Oct.14
What you need to know:

-We're a long-standing guild on Thrall
-We're looking for a few more to add to our roster for MoP progression raiding.
-We currently run 2 relatively independent 10 mans.
-We are 4/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults.

7:00pm-10:30pm EST (server time) raid times
We will very rarely raid late

What we need from you:

-Working mic, ventrilo, reliable internet. If you do not have these you need to get these.
-High attendance. We feel it's in our best interest to stick with a relatively small group with only a few beyond our raid capacity.
-Respect and responsibility. If you have to miss a raid, you tell someone. If we ask you to bring consumables, you have them ready. You need to research your class and new encounters, and be prepared to play at a high level in our raids. We expect members to be accountable and perform well on their own, without hand-holding.
-A personality. We like to enjoy our time raiding, so this is important.
-Perspective. There's a person behind those pixels; it's kind of like avatar except less of the avatars are blue. We know it's a game, but we also know it's more fun when we've killed things in the game.

We are currently looking for the following classes and specs:

1-2 of the following
1 x Shadow Priest (with heals off spec)
1 x Balance Druid (with resto off spec)

Tanks (1 total needed HIGH NEED):
1 x Blood DK --or-- Protection Paladin

Healers (1 total HIGH NEED):
1 x Holy Paladin

We always appreciate members who don't limit themselves to one role.
If your class or spec isn't listed, don't be afraid to apply.
Apply at:

We sometimes like to have people get on ventrilo as part of the application.

You may Please contact Autry, Gartene, Crystalle or Alexmonk for more information (whisper or in-game mail) or add my battletag Alex#13218 (please indicate in request that you're a potential applicant)
If these people are not online, ask someone who is online.
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Bump, Bump, Bump it up. For my old friends!!!
I sent them to the WHOR3D side to do some UNDERCOVER work! C wut I did dar?

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coming along nicely. more updates. also worth noting: im a tauren
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I recently transferred to Thrall. Looking for a serious raiding guild for MoP.

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