[H]Illusion LF 463+ Mage, Blood DK 10s!

still need a few more
miss my joewee bumps
Bump for some pretty awesome guys. GL on horde side!
new website
a few more
illusion is horde now? O.o the world must be coming to an end
lots of updates
25 hours to monk time
monk time
just need a few to start rollin sunday
Lvb approves this message.

Hope you guys come back stronger than ever, best of luck!
Join us!
bump bo bump
bump for 6/6
Tell Hyperion to come back. I'm not finished with him! ;(
2/6 on HoF so far :3
1/6 HM on Vaults
2/6 on HoF
Talking to myself
You can talk to me <3

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