WTS 8/8H DS Loot/Title/Mount Run 75k Updated

There are three raid weeks left until MoP goes live and H DS Mount is dropped to 1%, in order to help anyone out that may want the mount, but not able to afford 100k FA will be selling our last 3 weeks at 75k.

Next available date to purchase a run is:
5th of September 2012
Raid starts at 10:00am (server)

It's a quick hour and a half run, you will receive your title, gear (with the exception for few select pieces) and the Heroic Mount.

Again this is a run for:

All for 75k

Please either reply here, or contact myself and/or Thrallium in game prior to the 28th of August.

I'm interested IN the mount, add me ingame Id like to buy a run for the 1st if no one else is in line :) I got you and thrallium added :)
Will contact you in game (Pyrolicious)!
If that doesn't go thru I'll buy a run. I can give a deposit asap.
Updated for the 8th of August.
Bump for 8th of August!
Amazing run :) Thanks to everybody who helped!!! The mount is truly amazing, super fast clear! :D
BumP :D
Less than 8 weeks and this beauty mount will be a 1% drop chance, get it while you can :) and these guys put on a good show, it was very amusing lol
Get a mount and listen to our ramblings in mumble! It's like dinner and a show...
If this is still available for 8th of August I'm interested in purchasing a run.
Will contact you (Kabutops) in game tomorrow morning or send an in game mail if your not online with the details of the run.
If you'd like to get ahead, simply send me a mail with the name of the toon you wish to bring and any questions you may have, and i will send you a calender invite for the August 8th Run.
These guys put on a great run. Now the happy owner of a Life-Binder's Handmaiden :) If anyone is considering a purchase I would definitely recommend these guys.

Bonus points for being semi-educational, I learned interesting things about Spine's amalgamations during their run >.>
Booked thru August, next date open for purchase is 5th of September! That's three runs left until MoP releases and the mount drops to 1%!

Get it before it's to late :)
Updated for current openings:

29th of August
12th of September
19th of September

Today's buyer recieved his Title, Heroic Mount, 4 pieces of H Tier, H Boots and 2x H Souldrinkers!!

All for 100k!

Two dates left before MoP, come get it before it's to late!

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