The Aftermath Morning Guild LF Heals/Tank

The Aftermath is a Horde Morning Guild. We strive to be one of the few successful Morning Guilds out there. We are Located on the Hyjal server :: Pacific Time Zone :: We have previous 10 man Heroic mode experience in Wrath and Cata.

:: About Us ::

The Aftermath is a guild that has lots of history. Some of it is bad, the rest good. Like many guilds, we fought many hard ships that would have almost led the guild to disbanding. Through the persistence of the raiders, officers, and GM's we kept pushing for more and ended up in Hyjal. Now we are fighting once again to keep our group going forward. With some minor set backs, we are continuing the push for progression. We dont say we're the best, but we do our best to keep some solid progression going with all the troubles we've had.

We strive to do our best and do what we can at our own pace.

:: Raid Times ::

We raid 4 days a week on a 8 hour a week schedule. Our raid days are :: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday :: Raids start at 9 am PST (Server Time) and finish at 11 am PST (Server Time)

:: Raids ::

We provide all enchants, flasks, potions, food buffs, and repairs for our raiders. No one is exempted from this. Trials also benefit from being a part of our Guild even if it doesnt work out.

:: Loot ::

We use EPGP to handle all of our loot. Everyone must earn a minimum of 15k EP before being considered for loot.

:: Environment ::

We are a really laid back guild. We focus on progression and raiding. Our chat is always something to look forward to. If youre not participating in making fun of our Mexican GM then youre not enjoying yourself. As relax as we may be before and after raid, sometimes during, we always focus and give it our all during raids.

:: Recruitment ::

Currently we need 1 Healer of any class and 1 Tank of any class. Both our needs must have a DPS offspec. No exceptions.

Our top Priorities are for a Healer and a Tank with, again, DPS offspec. We will still consider any dps class that app's to our guild.

Any other player who's class is not mention is more than welcomed to apply. We are always looking for more players who are dedicated, skilled and ready for progression.

:: Trials ::

Trials undergo a 2 week period in which they are brought into raid and show how well they adapt to new environment, must maintain a near perfect attendance, and must earn a minimum of 15k EP to be considered for loot on equal terms as members during their trial period. Like many guilds, Raider ranks will have priority over Trials when it comes to raid spots.

Please note that just because you're a Trial does not mean you will be sat if our DPS, Healer, and/or Tank is performing poorly. We are at a point where we will replace anyone in our core group with someone new if said new Trial can out perform our current core raider.

Also note that as a Trial you will be considered as a "Raider" and not as a fill in. You get full privileges that our Raiders get when it comes to repairs, flasks, food, enchants, etc etc.

:: Interested?? ::

If youre interested in joining our ranks feel free to apply at our website or you can drop a PM our GM or any officer about recruiting needs, raid times, availability or anything about the guild in general :: Dapredator ; Shamalock ; Farrus ; Bowcephus ::

GM's real ID:

:: Still here?? ::

You should have applied by now... go apply now! @
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We need a few more adequate players.

2 healers
1 tank/dps with tank OS

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