Badass Hunter Names ?

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So i was thinking of name changing and was looking for some good ideas for a badass worgen hunter name? anyone wanna throw in some ideas!
I was struggling trying to come up with the same thing last night. So I googled "werewolf names". Amarog came up. But there are like 200 sick names out there that mean wolf or werewolf.
I have the best hunter name ever regardless of race!! Just don't know how your going to get it unless you reserved it on the first few mins of your server opening like I did.
Worgen hunter.. Kibbles. Name your pet Bits.

Therefore, Kibbles and Bits. Seems fitting for a dog, right?
<----- Already taken! :)
its pretty self explanatory.. i have the best hunter name.
Lots of these names are good. Which mean they must be taken. So replace one or a few of the characters in the name with special characters or letters. Here is my personal favorite site for them.
Mine used to be Saderia. It's a good tauren name. Not hunter in general. I was thinking in terms of Rp, Ryk might be good. Just funny, Vodkashot or Tequillashot. Those would be awesome :D
Igotcrabs or Ishotjfk <- used that when i thought of it got reported in a day had to change it haha
my name
Can't have mine...Maybe you an have one of my pet names. Would you like Fries? How about Cheese?
Cazador.spanish for hunter
Tanis - classic

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