Badass Hunter Names ?

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my name used to be 100% origional, until my step brother made a hunter on another realm with the exact name :(
Let's see
Tauren - Cattleranch
Dwarf - Handcannon
N Elf - Nightowl
Human - Jameswoods
B Elf - Tineydancer
Orc - Manyarrows
Troll - Kikkomon
Goblin - Pistolwhipped
Undead - Gungrave or Tombstone
Worgen - Silverbullet

I know not super creative and I sure they are all taken, but it's a start.
i win
This guy.
I'll be back!
<-- Arrogantly apologizing for what just happened to them is the only way to go.

I did like reload though...
Make a Panda Hunter.

Call it BambooShoots.
I get a lot of !@#$ for my name but I am not actually a retard, hahaha
Hello, I like mine.
Heres a good one: Idetrapdat
beastlybob , bullseyebilly, themarksman, royroger pet name bullet
<--- Best name period look up the history ;-).

But for a worgen you could go with Mongrel or what came to mind first was Gabriel for some reason might have to do with your current name and all.

If you want to coincide with pet there are plenty of dual name catch phrases you can think of I am sure.
I have the BEST hunter name....CAZADOR in spanish means....hunter!!!

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