Badass Hunter Names ?

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I don't want to even say the name I used to have because it got me a 24 hour suspension on top of changing it.
With all due respect, I believe I have one of the best hunter names out there. Good luck getting it though, I got mine on day 1 of wow. ;p
I have this need to tie my name to an aspect of my toons.

Orvar is Macedonian for "Arrow".

I would encourage people to practice their Google-Fu and search for names that resonate with them and have some substance behind them. Don't just use the name generator or use a name that sounds "badass".
my name is manlier than yours.
Who am I again?
Pet's name is Bitz FTW.
Hirogen! 'nuff said...
Explaining your name is like explaining a joke.
Mine , no contest, not even close.


Pokemon reference, if you don't agree you had no childhood and should go become a bronie.

For those who don't get the reference, my core hound's name is GusGus.
Perfect name for an Orc since Orcs often say "zug zug" while the mice (from Cinderella) say "zook zook". It was just a sheer coincidence when playing this toon. xD
what about hawk shot or wolf thunder or wolf poison or dope hunter
what about reading the date of the thread before responding

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