<HC> recruiting subs!

Burning Legion
**We are always taking applications from exceptional players. If you're interested in us outside of what we're currently recruiting, feel free to apply @ healerchat.com**

Currently recruiting:
Druid: Low
Monk: Low
Priest: Low
Shaman: Low
Mage: High
Hunter: Low
Warlock: Medium
Rogue: Low
Warrior: Low
Paladin: Low
Death Knight: Medium(Blood)
-The aforementioned recruiting needs are for full-time spots.


About us:
We only raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

• We raid from 7-11 CST, with the exception of sometimes starting at 6:30, if everyone can. We also sometimes take an hour out of our day on Sunday to clear, if we have enough people on and able to do it.

But our only required days are Tues-Thurs.

• Our raid schedule is very tight, and what we do within our time is very limited, but if everyone can do what we ask of them, we can achieve all our goals.

• We ranked in the top 50 US 10m, top 100 overall, in the very beginning of the tier. We have world 40 ranks on heroic bosses, and can continue to do so (if we could fill-in for the one person who can't show up for w/e reason).

Our main goal is to do content before nerfs. This typically means before the tier is over, whilst getting exceptional rankings in the process.

Sensations, Advanced, or myself can help you if you have any questions. Otherwise: healerchat.com
im always here for you bb
ur such a liar kaam... you cheat on me all the time.
If I'm the other baddie, then what is Eein?
we don't speak of eein.
!@#$ you guys.
If you still need a lock, I'm down
o r u
and who r u
Still looking.
want to just say we're always taking apps!
Shameless bump for some folks!
Thx Seph :)
we have 2 Canadians raiders with horrible internet problems that need to be replaced ASAP
The Canadians probably won't acknowledge US Thanksgiving because we're celebrating a month late.

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