Armory app crashes constantly with 1 toon

Mobile Bug Report
Everytime I try to start up the armory app (iphone4) with this selected as my main character the app will load up to the 'home' screen with icons for AH, guild chat, settings etc then after a second or two crash.

This happens everytime I try to log in on my phone but I can still log in ok on the web based armory and my actual account.

Also if i change my selected main character on the web based armory i can access the mobile app again untill i try to select this character again, which causes the app to crash.

I have reinstalled the app a couple of times, restart the phone and tried it on my ipad, same outcome.

Whats the go with that? is there anything else I can try?
What version of the Mobile Armory are you using? This sounds like an issue we hotfixed several builds ago.
Im using version 3.3.0 from the app store
What OS on both the iPad and the iPhone 4? Also, are they jailbroken? I've forwarded your character info to one of our engineers to look at. I was having no problems viewing your character from our iOS devices.
Also, do you regularly clear your multitask list?
I am using iOS 5.1.1 which I have had since I started using mobile armory but I will update ASAP

Niether the iPad or I phone are jailbroken

I do keep my multitask list pretty clear

Thanks for the assistance and passing my info on. I will try updating my os this afternoon and if thats no good I'll try a factory restore

It seems now all my characters are unusable on the mobile app, instant crash as soon as the home screen loads.

Updated my phone to the latest software and reinstalled the app and it had no effect

Installed the app on my wifes phone, same outcome.

im going to try and get a mate to log onto his account from my phone and ill log onto mine from his.

Holding off on the factory reset as ill have to set my whole phone up again which will not be pleasant.

Any other suggestions?

EDIT: also just found out that my character is still logged into mobile guild chat even though its been over 12h since i could actually access it. i tried logging in on the character which got rid of it but as soon as i logged back out it was back in the guild chat with the mobile icon next to it.

Is there anyway to get it logged out of the mobile chat without me accessing the mobile app?
Tried my character on another guys iphone -app crashed

Had another guy log in on my iphone - app worked perfectly

The problem is with my account.

my character has been logged into mobile guild chat all weekend. Even when im actually logged onto the character I get whispers on my phone.

What is the next move?
Can you try removing your character's gear and waiting for it to update on the website, then retest the application?
I will give that a go

I am having this same sort of issue and it's driving me crazy! My bank alt can't be seen on the mobile armory at all. I have tried logging into the same toon on the forum and the armory and that makes no difference :( I only pay for this service so I can check my auctions, help fix this please. I'm going to delete the armory app off my phone and will try it again. FYI, I did previously have a toon on this server by the name of jaderia who was server transferred some time ago, this lil worgen, rogue Jaderia is my new bank alt.

(I can't log into her through the forums either!) argh..
Looking at this forum post just now I realized there's also some connection to a previously deleted dk also by the same name. When I click my profile pic up the top of here I can see she's a lil worgen rogue, but the picture is displaying my dk...
@ Leviknight: Is your Mobile Armory still crashing after removing your gear? Our engineer is still investigating the crash, but if it's particular gear on your main then I can try that myself.

@Jaderia: This is something we can manually resolve for you. I've forwarded your info to our engineers. It may not be resolved until Monday/Tuesday next week. Sorry!
Mobile armory is still crashing as before with no gear equiped on my character.

I noticed that my subscription was up for renewal last thursday so i thought maybe cancelling would kick my character out of guild chat and fix whatever is causing the crashes but my character is still in guild chat and the crashes are continuing even though my subscription has lapsed.

Is there anyway the engineers can force my character out of guild chat? no one talks to me when im logged on cause they think its still bugged out (somehow they dont notice the mobile symbol has gone lol)

I thought leaving guild might work but I don't really want to lose my guild rep. Could this be restored by a GM? or is there another way to save my rep?

I really like the mobile app and id love to get back on to it once this is cleared up
Leviknight, don't leave your guild. That's unnecessary at this time.
I found I could log onto my mobile armory during the server shutdown last night but once the servers came back online the crashes returned.

I had to get a new phone yesterday which also had no effect on the crashes
I found I could log onto my mobile armory during the server shutdown last night but once the servers came back online the crashes returned.

I had to get a new phone yesterday which also had no effect on the crashes

I've seen my share of crashes in the Mobile Armory, but this is the first that is so specific to one account that is transcends devices. Can you think of anything at all that could potentially be unique to your account?
I cant think of anything about my account that would be unique sorry.
Since the shutdown on Tuesday night if i select another character here i can log onto and use the armory app.

As soon as i select my Dk in the app it crashes.

The app hates my Dk.

I have tried to do this before and it didn't work so i don't know what changed.

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