<Does It In Groups>

<Does It In Groups> of Zul'Jin
Founded July '12
10player Raiding Guild (8/8 T13Normal)
www.diig.enjin.com / Contacts: Texxy,Krundt,Ginrail
Raid nights: Tues/Weds (8-11 EST) Open activity night: Mon (8-11 EST)

Currently Accepting:
1 Healer:(Holy Paladin/Restoration Druid/Restoration Shaman)
2 Dps:(Elemental Shaman/Feral Druid(Cat)/Warlock/Rogue)

<DiiG> is comprised of active veteran players who have come together to transition from
normal raiding into hardmode raiding.

Our goal is to find like-minded players, create a tight-knit raid team(s) that will progress through Mists of Pandaria and beyond, all whilst enjoying WoW and each other. We expect that we can tackle hardmodes on a 2 night schedule. We currently have a raid team in Dragon Soul but would like a few more reliable raiders.

We plan on staying with the 10player raid composition as it offers an intimate enviroment where each player understands their importance. We are not opposed to multiple raid teams in the future, though we will make sure each team is solid before adding others.

We are looking for adult players with Cataclysm raiding experience with the motivation to
research mechanics and your class without being told to do so. For players with the determination to learn from mistakes and not repeat them. For players who enjoy participating and contributing to the growth of their guild, because we want <DiiG> to feel like your guild.

<DiiG> is a rambunctious, humorous, social bunch of players who enjoy running dungeons, old content PvPing, and all the new stuff coming to MoP. You must have a strong stomach and a hairy back to hang out with us and as such we only accept adults. We are not role-models nor do we like to contribute to the delinquancy of minors. Many of us are already on a first name basis. Tho we are a raiding guild and looking for raiders, we do welcome active players that fit with us culturaly and enjoy the many adventures WoW has to offer.
We have players from all across teh globe, one from the distant future, and one from the not so distant future.
Still waiting on those lottery numbers. >.<
It's the weekend!
Still looking for a few new faces for our team. =^.^=

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