Aegis 8/8H LF multiple classes for MoP

Aegis of Zul'jin is looking to fill out our roster for Mists of Pandaria.

I am looking for the following classes/specs currently.

Restoration shaman with elemental offspec

Discipline priest with shadow offspec, also capable of playing holy

Mage capable of playing all three specs

Hunter capable of playing all three specs

Warlock capable of playing all three specs

Death knight capable of playing all three specs, primarily DPS

Our goal is to experience raid content on a fairly light schedule with people we actually enjoy playing with. As such we are not interested in applicants that are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. Generally speaking most of the raiders are 21+ and fairly mature, because of this we do understand that real life can call on us unexpectedly and all we ask is that you let us know that you won’t be available for a specific raid night as soon as you are able to.

We use a loot council for our raid and will give out loot based on raid need, performance and attendance. We believe that loot is merely a tool to progress and not the reason to be raiding and in most situations we will gear up tanks and healers first.

Raid Schedule

Wednesday: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM EST
Monday: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM EST
Sunday: 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST

What is expected from raiders

• You are expected to come fully prepared with four hours’ worth of raid consumables. This includes flasks, potions, appropriate buff food, dusts of disappearance and anything else you may require. We provide flasks and food but you are still expected to have your own backups.

• Properly gemmed, enchanted, reforged and speced. If you are required to spec a certain way for fights, do so before the raid and not during.

• Run speed enchants are required unless your class possesses innate run speed increases (unholy presence, yes. Disengage, no.)

• Punctuality, 9:30 PM is the time for pulling the first trash mob, not the time to slowly start logging in and having a smoke break.

• Critical thinking ability and able to use resources available to research to improve your character, while personal experimentation is great having it as your sole source of information is not. Using elitist jerks is preferred.

• Stable internet connection and a computer able to handle raids, not any good to us if you d/c every other boss fight or can’t see ground AE effects.

• Coming prepared by watching or reading up on the fight, especially if asked to do so. You should understand the major mechanics of the fight.

• Previous raid experience and having world of logs parses is a huge plus

• Positive attitude and the ability to take criticism and if you are asked to sit for a particular fight that you still remain available to raid if called upon, saying "Give me 25 mins to finish to LFR” is not acceptable.

• Ventrillo with a microphone and the ability to talk, we have one mute in the guild and that is more than enough.

• Keybind all or the vast majority of your abilities, while some will disagree I don’t believe you can achieve anywhere near the same reaction times by clicking. Myself and many of the guild members use razer nagas which I highly recommended or similar multi button mice.

Thanks for reading this admittedly long post and we look forward to having you join our ranks, please fill out an app on

You can contact me in-game on Bittersteel, thanks!

If you like you can add my battletag Bittersteel#1826 or realid at

If this was too long for you to read this is not the guild for you and I wish you the best of luck in finding a guild that is a match.

Best regards,
We do offer free Excedrin Migraine for everyone that makes it through a Bitter speech without their brain melting!
Still looking!
Oh, so it was you who took my bank alt's guild name! >:O Heh, it's ok. it's been inactive since vanilla. enjoy and good luck in your recruitment!
Sorry bud, tried to buy it on the forums first, thanks!
Would you be interested in a holy pally with 1/8 HDS experience? Before you say no, i just like to tell you that, i got H Morkchock down just yesterday with a pvp guild and i gotta say that it was pretty easy but, feel free to curse me for asking to an invite into your guild. and if you do invite and find me not worthy then just kick me out, i wouldnt say a word. thank you

Sadly paladin is the only healer class we're not looking at right now, if you had a shaman or priest you could heal on I'd love to talk.

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