Selling DS heroic 25 man run spot,

All gear goes and mount goes too you hosted by the Guild Get Well Soon.
Whisper me in game or post up on here. 250k is buyout price, highest bid atm is at 195k. Must be ready to go at any Tuesday at 8pm server.
Keep in mind we also sell these runs on a weekly basis.
Also the price that you get from this player might not reflect another run, however, confirming that this is highly legit as Sdz is the winner of our special fun event n___n
What are prices on H weps off deathwing & trinkets plz.
What are prices on H weps off deathwing & trinkets plz.

Please keep in mind the following rules

-Heroic Madness buy-in is 200k gold. That buys you into the run. As a courteous gesture, we're giving you the mount for free, as well as whatever weapon that you want in the event that it drops.

-8/8 Heroic DS buy-in is 250k gold. That buys you into the run as well, however, this run basically guarantees whatever drops that you can use, you will have. The only exclusions, if I'm correct, are the Blazing Drake and the Experiment 12-B, both random drops. You will not have any way of touching these, as our raiders would love to have them.

-As stated above, these are buy-ins, you're buying into the run. We do not care for the following or any variation of it - "Don't want the heroic Madness of Deathwing achievement". Just because you don't want it doesn't mean it wouldn't raise the value of your account or simply make you look good

-If you're buying into the 8/8 run in hopes of merely getting a very specific piece of loot, sorry 'boutcha, but we're not giving you all the raid achievements for free. If you have the achievements, we're not dragging you through for free. It is a buy-in fee that you're paying, and once you're in, you can just go crazy.

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