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Earthen Ring
I will be doing a realm transfer from my main server, Feathermoon, to here in the next couple of weeks. I was wondering though, should I transfer realms, is Horde or Alliance more active? I am curious as I am not just someone who will be sitting in SW or ORG(should I also do a faction change) and I am a raider. Maybe not hardcore but I am decent. My schedule for work does not allow me to be able to raid all the time.

Any and all tips appreciated.
They're actually pretty close to even. Most of the more progressed raid teams are alliance currently, but that could easily change in Mists, and there are a lot of active, casual teams on both factions (though of course things are slower now, late in the expansion). It's a great server with a lot of really cool people, but it's not a hardcore realm by any means.

Personally I'd hold off on the faction change for now and see if you like what you see Alliance side, and maybe roll a Horde alt to get a feel for the other faction's community. (And I'd recommend the same thing if you happened to be Horde currently fwiw - you've got a good chance of finding what you want on both sides, so why spend the money?)
I transferred to the realm a few months ago, this is by far the best realm I've played on in a long while. Used to play on Wildhammer, but the community died down quite a bit, then tested the waters on other realms (Arthas, Bonechewer, Cho'gall), But ER is the first place that's felt like home in forever!

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