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I have been on Arthas for about 4 years and have been playing since BC. I raided throughout wrath in the #2 strict 10 man guild on the server (unleashed fury) and took a short break before cata for some rl stuff. I came back and the guild was no more.

Since then I have jumped from bad guild to bad guild just to have some perks. I play quite a bit during my free time and find myself wanting to do an array of things that I have to rely on pugs to do, like old raids/legendaries/current content and so forth but always have a very short temper when it comes to some of the twits that play this game.

Basically I am a good player who is looking for people in the same boat as me to start fresh with. Ideally this new guild would be raiding 10 mans probably 2 nights a week and have an array of other stuff going on with the right community of course.

My plan would be to get a few people together to buy a level 25 guild and build off of that. I have experience as a raid/guild officer and am good with people and solving problems, I just hate pugs. I have 30-40k to throw down on an already level capped guild.

Serious apps only please.

Thank you for your time!
Bumpidy bumb
Good luck to you guys! Always an advocate for increased community/server progression and raiding.
hmu i am interested

If you could send me mail or a tell in game with the names of your friends main characters that would be awesome. I am debating on if I want to buy a guild with some levels on it already, or to just start a new one and save the gold. I should have this all figured out by tonight with a guild website for people to app to.

I will let you know.

note: I just went ahead and started a level 1 guild. I have also made a website that is still in it's basic form, with a few edits. If anyone would like to apply, you can do so at

Hey man, shoot me a tell in game, or mail if i'm not on. Check out my thread and let me know if you're interested in joining! Figured it might be something you're lookin to do!


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