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With the arrival of the Pet Battle system introduced in the beta, there are many choices for you to choose from to create a pet battle team. The team can be composed of 3 of your pets, and you'll need to train in pet battling to eventually purchase all of the slots to have a full 3 pet team.

Here is a link to the list of new pets coming in patch 5.0.1 :

So what pets will you have in your team?

Will they relate to your character, like an engineer having engineer-only pets, or something like a dragon-only pet team? Or will they be a diverse team consisting of different pets mixed together?

For Dreadsoul, I plan on catching Scourge pets. Below is my planned team:

1. I will start off with Lil'K.T. (Blizzard store pet)
2. I'll add in a Scourged Whelpling as my second pet. (New Icecrown Pet)
3. The last member of the team will be a Blighthawk. (New Western Plaguelands Pet)
07/19/2012 06:47 PMPosted by Bradell
I am going to start team missile.

can i be jesstaiea


as much as it is tempting to have a themed team, i'll probably just make a balanced one and level up a decent amount of pets to switch around between.
1. Spirit of competition
2. Speedy
3. Singing sunflower
Nether Ray Fry
And some third Outland themed pet. No idea if this will be IC or not, or if I will even still be a Draenei come MoP.
Topaz Shale Hatchling
Perky Pug
Flayer Youngling

This will be the team that makes me the Azeroth League Champion. Look out!
Nightsaber cub (Beast),
Searing scorchling (elemental)
Lil'tarecgosa (dragon)

Though I haven't seen all the new pets from MoP though so that could change.
07/19/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Vicara
Though I haven't seen all the new pets from MoP though so that could change.

Who cares aobut the other pets, the main thing is he's READY TO PLAY

The others are probably going to be some sort of fish or frog because water pets are like water pokemon, IE: Bloody powerful, and then whatever equals out my type advantages. Possibly a dragon
I really hope they have a unique move for Mini Thor
07/19/2012 07:40 PMPosted by Wurk

Well then! Switching out tarecgosa for when I get a Sifang otter (aquatic).

Would switch my searing scorchling for a crawling hand but it will still continue to elude my grasp.
Dibs on Lance for this server's Elite 4.
If we don't leave for guild wars, Arathorian Coalition will be hosting a pet-battle gym. Get your raven badge.

But. We all really like guild wars.
An all whelpling team, and I'll lead Kalimdor's Prestigious Five.
Black Bombay Cat (Muggols)
Dark Whelping (Zel)
Warbot (Cleanbot No. Twelve)

I plan to use these three as Kirnia's team. Muggols is my real-life cat and I just can't let him not be loved and deadly.

Zel is a whelping Kinria takes care of, it would only be fair she teaching her to fight.

Cleanbot No. Twelve is a robot she made to assist in the cleaning of Gnomeragan. Kinria found it broken and took it home for repair. She has not a single plan to return it.
Argent Squire

Guild Page

Snowshoe rabbit

I'm a terrible person.
Argent Squire

Guild Page

Snowshoe rabbit

I'm a terrible person.

I've been told you can't have argent squire and guild page fight each other. >:[

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