(H) Escendia : Recruiting Now for MoP (25/09)

Guild: Escendia
Heals: Priest or Paladin
Ranged DPS: Mage or Warlock

Raid Times: Mon/Wed 20:30 - 0:00 AEST
Why: Mists is coming, we're back and recruiting a couple of spots in our (10) raid roster for MoP - we have been away and have some time to kill so will polish off some outstanding business in the meantime.

Story version:

Escendia are a mature guild of experienced raiders who were somewhat underwhelmed by the whole cataclysm and drifted off for most of it. The approaching mists have enticed the core group out of limbo and we will be focusing on MoP raiding ASAP.

For completions sake, we are looking at poking our swords and wands around the cataclysm raids before they are completely irrelevant while we wait to embrace (or kill on sight - varies) some pandas.

After a short time shuffling around Orgrimmar inspecting the repairs and regaining familiarity, the time has come to fill a few holes for those lost from the previous guild ranks.

There are a couple of vacancies, actual couples are more than welcome (we have 3) and personality outweighs pure awesomeness.

If you are looking for a mature, friendly and focused raiding guild in MoP, please contact myself, Balki, Gamuut, Zalendar, or Vermifuge in game or drop an application in at our website:

Updated blurb. See above.
Updated with roles available.
I'll vouch for these guys (and gals). If you're looking for a friendly, non-insane bunch of people to raid with consider Escendia.

(and of course, bump)
thanks irri :)

updated roles available again. getting there!
updated once again - only 2 spots left. we will be clearing some older content and achievements for the next few weeks till xpac then focusing on MoP raids ASAP.

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