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If you need more Horde, I just finished putting together my Blood Elf hunter, though I've never RP'ed her before.
I have a few hordies I can use as well, although I don't like using more than two or three characters per thread.
Name: Kuulinian Moonstrider

Age: 216

Race: High Elf

Description: Never without his runeblade, and usually decked in full plate armor, Kuulinian is ominous most of the time. His hair and eyes are white and his face has a permanent expression of anger on it. He's tall and slim as blood/high elves go, and moderately muscular.

Personality: Always angry, but fiercely loyal. The only person who can calm is Thrall, because he is the warchief of the Horde.

Short History: Born after the War of the Three Hammers, became a paladin, served in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wars, became a Death Knights, became a high-ranking commander of the Scourge, now loyal only to the Sin'dorei and the Horde, etcetera and so forth. (Not really much he remembers, as DK's don't usually remember their past.)

Fears/Weaknesses: Fears: Second death, spiders. Weaknesses: Slow, poor vision, can't climb.

Strengths/Skills: Apprentice miner and blacksmith, excellent hearing, excellent strategist
07/25/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Kuulinian
Name: Kuulinian Sunstrider (Don't even start with me he's not officially prince!)


07/25/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Kuulinian
Race: High Elf

Nope, seeing as Sunstrider is a Blood Elven name mostly, this does not work, nor does it make logical sense. Sorry, I started it, but even though you say that he is not connected to the Blood elven prince, it still doesn't change the fact that is the last name of a major lore character.

07/25/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Kuulinian
Personality: Always angry, but fiercely loyal. The only person who can calm is Thrall, because he is the warchief of the Horde.

Ohhhh dear....

07/25/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Kuulinian
Short History: Born after the War of the Three Hammers, became a paladin, served in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wars, befriended Arthas, became among the first of his Death Knights, became a high-ranking commander of the Scourge, now loyal only to the Sin'dorei and the Horde, etcetera and so forth. (Not really much he remembers, as DK's don't usually remember their past.)


Nononononononononononononononononono and...No

Age wise, it -would- make sense...but befriending Arthas? Becoming one of his first Death Knights? Nooooooo, this screams special snow flake, it's not even possible, any major connection to a major lore character is considered being a Mary Sue. Also currently the Warchieft of the Horde is Garrosh till the end of MoP

07/25/2012 08:25 PMPosted by Kuulinian
Fears/Weaknesses: Fears: Nothing (It's common for DKs! They have no hearts [figuratively speaking]) Weaknesses: Slow, poor vision, can't climb.

Even Death Knights fear something, one of them being becoming nothing but a monster. Thanks for their acts that they have done while under Arthas' control, they hate their past, they hate what they become, saying this is down right rediculous. Thats another thing wrong about being one of Arthas' frist Death Knights, Arthas controls them, he didn't just turn people into Death Knights because they used to sit at the bar and have a beer with each other...

Even though Death Knights don't have much emotion, they still have emotions about what they become, and hating it. Also your phyical discription needs a tone of work to be a decent discription.

TL;DR: Character needs to be reworked and rethinked, all it is now is a Mary Sue

Now, I'm usually not one to nit-pick the sign-ups in other people's threads, simply because it's not my place to say who they do/do not allow in, but as a general rule claiming any sort of connection (no matter how minor you might see it) to a major lore character is considered bad form in RP. Claiming a connection to three different major lore characters? Eep!

Lia has a point, you might want to consider revising, I'm sure any of the RPers here would be happy to help if you need advice. :)

And damnit all Ruok! I'll post a sign up sometime in the (relatively) near future. -.-
Ok I revised it sorry. In fact, when I wrote that I was so tired that I messed up his RP file.

Lia, if you know elf lore, you'd know that all Blood Elves were High Elves before the destruction of the Sunwell, and that High Elves who became undead before that time are technically still High Elves, having no addiction to fel magic (Sylvanas is an undead high elf, for example). Now, Sunstrider is just his family name, he barely remembers his father (Like I said, not many death knights do) and he's really not directly related to any major lore characters.

I've fixed everything except the "Ohhhhh dear..." as I don't understand what it's about. He's loyal to his people and the Horde, why is that "Oh dear"? You cannot deny that ALL characters have met their leaders. It's common to have a minor relationship with them!

I'm REALLY sorry for messing that up; I was so tired that I messed some things up. Sorry again.
She said the "oh dear" thing because your post implied that you're best-buds with Thrall (who isn't Warchief anymore) and he's the only one ever who can calm you down.
I'm just curious Kuulinian, why are you so attached to the surname Sunstrider? At best it can and will lead to misconceptions and prejudice against you by fellow RPers and at worst makes you a Sue. It's just a name, why not pick something less controversial?
I don't actually know. I guess it's because the surname is part of my RP file... but I have reasons why he's not claiming the throne, etcetera and so forth. If you understand that the elves pretty much hate Sunstriders because of Kael'thas, and that they hate undead as well, you can recognize that he's really not very welcome in his homeland.

I never really thought about it before. I came up with the name when I was a low-level orc; I didn't know it belonged to royalty at the time. Of course, now I do.
Whether or not if he wants the throne, the Sunstrider dynasty ended with Kael'thas- it is explicitly stated that there are "no surviving members of House Sunstrider remaining." Claiming to be Kael'thas's long-lost third cousin twice removed, or however you go about explaining that surname, is sueish and goes against lore. There are no more Sunstriders alive today. And if there were, claiming to be a distant relative of a major lore figure is still never a good idea.

If the name has no bearing on your character's development or personality (which it shouldn't, because otherwise he would be royalty) then what is the harm of changing it?
I don't know. But it nowhere explicitly says that there are no more Sunstriders. I guess I could change it for this thread...

I guess it can't do any harm if I did. But if it doesn't harm to change it, what's the harm in keeping it?
Name: Kreska Redworg

Age: 26 (Honestly, this is a ballpark figure- she was born in an interment camp but I keep getting conflicting info on the exact number of years from then til present day WoW.)

Race: orc

Appearance: Kreska is 6’6” and powerfully built with broad, muscular shoulders. Her head is clean shaven except for a single black lock that hangs down her back, to her knees, in a thick braid. Her skin is a dark olive green and her eyes are light brown. Kreska prefers to wear a snug-fitting leather vest that leaves her arms bare and allows for a greater range of motion. Her pants are leather as well, but reinforced with chain mail that fits over the outside of them. She always goes barefoot except in the most extreme cold. Kreska dual wields two large, wickedly spiked maces. She often carries a wolf's head mask, but it's suited more ceremonial ornamentation than for combat.


Personality: Aggressive, fiery tempered, and proud, Kreska places more value upon her honor than anything else in the world, save only her duty. She has the intense desire to be nothing more than a typical orcish warrior and live by their code of honor… even though she has been called to walk a different path in life. Her duty, to both the Spirits and her people, is the only thing that can force her from her preferred way; and when it does she is almost always plagued with self-doubt and a vague sense of shame- something she would never openly admit to, of course.

Brief (haha!) History: Kreska was born in an internment camp and was still a small child when Thrall freed the Orcs and sailed to Kalimdor. Her parents, both of whom were peons, were sent north with the Warsong clan to harvest the lumber of Ashenvale Forest. She will never forget the attacks of the Night Elves or the terror she felt hiding with her parents in the lumber camp, cowering as Cenarius tore through the orcish defenders. Though she is distrustful at best toward all Alliance races, nothing compares to the borderline-fanatical hatred she harbors for the Kaldorei. Almost as frightening as the elves were the Warsong warriors themselves, after drinking the demonic blood. Seeing first-hand what it did to the proud orcish warriors, Kreska knew at a young age that the Burning Legion was nothing but evil. After Grom Hellscream slew Mannoroth and freed the orcs once again, she began to idolize him and, by extension, almost all warriors. Unlike her timid parents, she aspired to do greater things with her life than toil away in a mine or lumber camp. Though she still holds great respect for Thrall and most other shaman, she spent the entirety of her young life training to become a warrior. It was her sole dream and she honed her skills with the axe and bow for years, determined to pass her trial when she came of age. Unfortunately, the spirits had other plans for her.

After the founding of Orgrimmar, Kreska’s family moved to Durotar and began operating a small hog farm. Shortly before her coming of age trial, she accidentally let it slip to her parents that she heard voices. She had, in fact, hidden the secret for quite some time. Fearing some sort of mental instability or demonic taint, her frightened parents quickly took her before the local shaman, who forced her to tell him in detail what she heard. She described for him the gentle whispers carried on the wind, the murmured words in running water, the quiet hissing sounds of a campfire, and the rumbling muttered phrases of the earth. After that first conversation, he became convinced that she was being called by the spirits and insisted she forgo her warrior trial and start down the path of shaman. Her parents were thrilled, she was horrified. After several days of arguing and an incredible amount of parental and social pressure, she grudgingly agreed to try her hand at shamanism. She found success, but, to her teachers’ great frustration, it is too often limited by her own unwillingness and stubborn pride.

Fresh from her training, Kreska eagerly left for Outland with the opening of the Dark Portal, intent on obliterating the Burning Legion and reclaiming her ancestors’ home world for the Orcs. What she found was a shattered world, all but destroyed by actions of her own race. The elements themselves rejected her, too wounded and angry to head her calls. Faced with her peoples’ shame, she bent all of her will on restoring balance to Outland and regaining the trust of the Spirits. She remained there for several years, mostly in Shadowmoon Valley and making occasional journeys to Nagrand.

It was on one of these trips that she heard of Thrall joining the Earthen Ring and relinquishing leadership of the Horde to Garrosh Hellscream, the son of her most idolized hero. While she still had the deepest respect for Thrall as a shaman and for everything he has done for the Orcish race, she was keenly interested in how the Horde would change with the son of mighty Grom at the reigns. She returned to Azeroth, only slightly more tempered with age, and has begun to rekindle her ties with the Earthen Ring and lend her aid to them in the wake of the Cataclysm. She is currently residing in Orgrimmar, though she often travels to Thunder Bluff to meet the other members of the order.

Fears/Weaknesses: Proud and easily enraged, Kreska is especially prone to the bloodlust almost all orcs feel at some time or another. It sometimes takes a great deal of self-control when in combat to keep from going over the edge of her fury; she often has to rely on the Spirits for help in those situations. Water is by far the most difficult element for her to master. Her worst fear (something she would never admit to) is losing her connection to the spirits, especially through her becoming demonically corrupted as her race was in the past.

Strengths/Skills: She has a strong affinity for wind Spirits and, to a lesser extent, fire. She has incorporated the two elements seamlessly into her own aggressive, martial fighting style.

07/26/2012 08:17 AMPosted by Kuulinian
But it nowhere explicitly says that there are no more Sunstriders.

With no surviving members of House Sunstrider remaining, it appears that the royal elven dynasty has met its end.
- http://www.wowpedia.org/Sunstrider#Downfall

Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider was the last of the royal bloodline
- http://www.wowpedia.org/The_Warcraft_Encyclopedia/Blood_Elves

07/26/2012 08:17 AMPosted by Kuulinian
But if it doesn't harm to change it, what's the harm in keeping it?
It is causing controversy. And, as I proved above, it defies established lore.
07/25/2012 06:59 PMPosted by Morgannlefay
If you need more Horde, I just finished putting together my Blood Elf hunter, though I've never RP'ed her before.

07/25/2012 08:15 PMPosted by Luanne
I have a few hordies I can use as well, although I don't like using more than two or three characters per thread.

Oh, it's all up to you guys. I usually make up new characters for threads anyways, just to keep things fresh.

Kuul, it would be great if you could make that little adjustment for this thread! I'm not going to tell you what you have to RP as in game or in other threads, but that little change would make a world of a difference! It doesn't even have to be a big change, even Sunwalker or something like that would be just dandy. Other than that and the little Thrall thing, you're accepted.

Ist, you're accepted!

Working on the start up post now.
I'll go ahead and sign up the horde character.

Name: Purcia Dawnarrow

Age: 28 years old

Race: Blood Elf

Description: (Appearance, Armor, Weapons, etc) Standing at 5’6”, she has light skin, green eyes like the rest of her race, and dark red hair kept into a ponytail. Purcia wears light brown leather armor, which is fur lined and accented with green. Her chest piece has elbow length sleeves and it covers her stomach. Her pants go all the way down her legs and the ends are tucked neatly into her boots. Her leather boots reach mid-calf. Her green cloak is also fur lined and reaches down to the back of her knees. Her main weapon is her dark brown wooden bow, which is carved in a simple swirling pattern all around her bow. The arrows have green and white feathers on the ends.

Personality: Purcia is a very stubborn, independent, and quick-tempered individual. Sometimes she’ll do something rash just to prove that she can be or she can do whatever she wants. She can be sweet, but you don’t want to get on her bad side. She may seem harsh to some, but as a hunter, she loves and cherishes animals dearly. They are where her true passion lies. Even though she can sometimes be hard to deal with, once she trusts a person she is eager to prove herself to them. Overall she is incredibly loyal and determined, even if her respect is not always given.

Short History: Purcia was born to merchants Kaivus and Amalissa Dawnarrow. She was orphaned at a young age, and she quickly learned that she had to be tough. She was raised with a few other orphaned children in Silvermoon City. Although she was presented with everything she needed and was given an education, people looked down on Purcia because she was an orphan and a simple peasant with no money and no influential family. When she got older she left Silvermoon to train elsewhere on her own and see the world. For the past few years she has been doing just that

Fears/Weaknesses: (We will be travelling into the Emerald Dream… though at this point, it may be more of a nightmare. I would love to design specific encounters to take advantage of the dream state of our landscape.) She fears the Scourge, and she's not too fond of the Nerubians(spelling?) either. She has little patience and a short temper.

Strengths/Skills: She can fight close quarters and range, though she prefers range. She's a good listener and a good tracker.

Yeah, so she's not exactly like a lot of blood elves. But at least she's not a Mary Sue.

IC is up! post away.
Should I wait til you put up a post for your deader? It might look bad if Kreska beats the Horde liaison there. :P

That and she and your elf might need a referee. xD
Go ahead, the dead are always fashionably late ;)

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