[H] Mischief 8/8HDS opening 25/m recruitment

Mischief (8/8 Heroic DS) has opened recruitment.

We are an adult (by age at least) progression oriented raiding guild that comfortably stops short of being a “job” guild. To clarify, we push for realm and faction firsts with every expansion and content patch, but not at the cost of our souls or our sanity. We are a solid and talented crew, many of whom have been raiding together for 6 years so the environment we provide is generally stable, drama free and relaxed (until the last 1% of a boss’ life at which point we flood vent with plenty of cheerful expletives).

It is our intent at this time to open our roster in preparation for the upcoming MoP expansion. We will be raiding as a 25 man guild again in MoP and are recruiting like minded individuals now to enjoy raiding current content. Joining our ranks now will allow time for incoming new members and and current raiders to get to know each other and fit together, helping to assure continued guild success into the expansion.

Mischief offers:
    A stable core of longtime members

    All of the standard elements of infrastructure necessary to support a raiding guild (webventdkpblah)

    Active officers working hard behind the scenes to maintain the fun and progression

    Consumables for every raid

    Forums detailing strats for every heroic fight

Mischief raid days are as follows.
Raid lockout - Wednesday, Thursday, Monday between the hours of 6pm and 10pm server time with a 10 min afk break midway. Please be advised that we may clear current heroic content in one evening. In those cases, remaining raid nights are opened up for member planned PVP or Alt/old content raids. Invites for raids are 10 minutes prior to raid start.

Please feel free to contact Roatch, Dreagar, Nordberg, Darkeye or Polkadotz in game with any questions you may have. If none of the officers are immediately available, (read: alting) please feel free to "/who Mischief" and any Mischief member can direct you to an officer alt currently online. In the odd case that none of us are available in any form, we'd welcome an in game mail and will reply immediately upon receipt.

Applications are available on our website and will be promptly reviewed upon submission with follow up contact generally coming back to you within 7 days. Applications are thoroughly reviewed so applicants are encouraged to come prepared with a high degree of class familiarity, properly gemmed / enchanted / reforged equipment pursuant to their primary spec and willingness to chat with officers via guild ventrilo for initial meeting.

Please visit us at http://www.mischief.dkpsystem.com/
WoL http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/5706/

We look forward to meeting you.
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Bumpity! Come play with some of the finest individuals WoW has to offer!
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Bumpity! Come play with some of the finest individuals WoW has to offer!

Like me right?
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Heyo, had fun with you guys last night. Sorry again that I had to cut out early. Best of luck on Hyjal, and hope to run with you again sometime!
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I recently applied, and didn't post a screenshot of my ui in a raid enviornemt, http://s1249.photobucket.com/upload/albums/erik2124/, is the screenshot link.
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Bump for mop in a little over a month!
Thanks for the applications and welcome to the new members so far. Please keep them coming!
Hello everybody!
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