[H] Mischief 8/8HDS opening 25/m recruitment

Getting close! keep them coming, gang!
We appreciate the continued interest, everyone. We do still have 25 man roster positions available so submit your application and we'll get it under review immediately.

Official weekly DKP raids are ended as of this week. We'll continue clearing heroic DS and FL for the mounts right up until the expansion release though so please feel free to check us out and see if we're in line with your game-fun goals.

Best regards,
I endorse this message :)
It's serious fun!
LFM for Mists!
10 man raids are in effect and 25 man raiding will follow soon. Please feel free to app now!
Submit your apps and joinup in the ranks of <Mischief> never a dull moment here!
Best of luck on recruitment! If I may suggest a friendly note, I recommend updating your original post and the title.to fit current content and current need. Anyway best of luck

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