<Thera pists> recruiting for DS 25 HM

<Thera pists> are now doing 25-man 8/8 HM runs. Already having 8/8 HM 10-man on farm, we now have enough members for a 25-man HM raid.

We also run multiple partial HM DS runs for our alts, as well as Firelands and other old content for mounts and achieves.

We're a laid back guild that still gets things done, and are looking for like-minded people.

We're not looking to take on gear projects. You should have at the bare minimum what gear can be gotten through VP, crafting and PUG DS runs, fully gemmed and enchanted. You should have 2 usable specs. You should have 2 maxed professions. If you have at least that, are great at your class, and are easy to get along with, you're the person we want.

Raid times are 8:15 - 11:00 PM server time.

You can apply at http://thera pists.guildlaunch.com

Message any of the following in game for more information (though most info is on the website):


Priority recruiting for:

Resto Shaman (with usable OS)
DK (Unholy)
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We are looking for a few range dps.
Resto Shammy will be able to run tonight.
6/8HM so far this week. Spine and DW this weekend.

Resto shaman will be nice.
Still looking for:

- Resto Shammy (well-geared with usable OS)
- Hunter
- DK (Unholy)

400+ ilvl with 8/8 HM achievements (10 or 25)

http://thera pists.guildlaunch.com

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