What was your favorite Power Rangers?

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I don't know why but lately I have gotten very nostalgic so what was your favorite Power Rangers?

Mine would be Mighty Morhpin'. It's the one I grew up watching and was probably the best along with Dino Thunder.
Tie between Billy and Tommy. Billy was the nerd. Tommy was the awesome ranger. I've only watched Mighty Morphin

Adam is good too. But I just like him because of how he was in the movie. And the fact that he's the voice actor of Vash the Stampede.
can't remember ever watching any of the series, but mighty morphin the movie was !@#$ing awesome back in the day
i dont really remember the show, but the original was the only one i used to actually watch... supposedly lol

apparently i really liked the white ranger with shoulder pads.... but i cant even remember what he looked like anymore :P

although i used to babysit one of my younger cousins a few years back and he liked this power rangers where they were based on animals? and there was one bad guy who turned good who looked like a wolf? had to admit it was a pretty sweet looking get up haha
I only watched Mighty Morphin.

It got a bit boring for me when Tommy & Kimberly stopped dating.
Mighty Morphin' by a landslide.

Also since last year, Teletoon Retro has been rerunning it.

/very happy about that

They started re-running it on my birthday, so it was like "Happy birthday, here's your childhood again!"

1. Mighty Morphin
2. Lost in Space/In Space
3. Lost Galaxy

The only correct list.
Time Force. Was more 'mature'-ish.
Mighty Morphin'

I had a huge puberty induced crush on Kimberly and later on Kat. Didn't help that my Uncle, who lived with us at the time, would always talk about what he would do to them. I learned many things during his stay with my family.

Good times.

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