MoP Druid or shaman?

I have been trying to choose between a shaman or druid. I can't choose one, and it's frustrating me. For PvE: I do enjoy healing and dpsing in pve. I don't want the rotation to be simple or easy to master, because i want it to take very much skill to play and to compete with others. I want the dps to be competitive with others, but when i master it, i won't have problems topping the damage charts. For healing, i just wouldn't wanna be spamming one move over and over again. For PvP: I do just about everything..2's, 3's, RBG's and random bg's. I need to be able to survive well or at least have defense cooldowns to use. If i did damage, i do enjoy dots, and seeing lots of numbers flying everywhere and especially spreading dots to everyone around me. I love seeing big crits on occasion too. I want it to so a lot of skill to play though, but worth it once i master the class. If i healed, i wouldn't wanna be a ragdoll, i wanna be a strong healer in pvp and be able to hold my own. i do want to have at least SOME mobility to heal with.

PLEASE, keep in mind MoP changes, any suggestions? Thanks ahead of time :)
I can give you a decent synopsis of what Druid is like, while I have not played a Shaman I know more or less that if you enjoy your Shaman now, you will enjoy it in MoP.

Resto Druid: Really love healing as a Resto Druid, it is one of the more fluid healing classes in the game (not clunky like a Disc Priest) HoTs are quite strong, they will never be the best tank healers but they will always have great throughput, they are especially strong in fights with heavy AoE damage, but lesser in fights where boss mechanics give heavy mana regen (since we don't have an ability similar to Holy Radiance) but overall I really enjoy healing, I think they have made it slightly better in MoP and with Symbiosis, I think they will have PvP viability again since they already possess quite strong CC with limited survivability which is now going to be increased greatly with the new talent system and Symbiosis (which is a bit OP right now)

Feral Druid: It will be good for PvP, will be rare to see one in a 10 man, might have a slot or two in a raid in 25 man, not too many notable changes with the exception of Symbiosis

Balance Druid: In Beta right now, I really, really dislike Balance Druids, I think their rotation is horrible and really uninteresting, and it will most likely stay that way, I think they will become weaker for PvP since their DoTs are ticking for a fraction of what they do now (and they are getting rid of Insect Swarm as well)

Guardian: I think it will become a premier tank to have in your raid group, lots of CDs & Symbiosis also gives useful tank CDs for Druid, ability to switch to kitty mid fight is really good utility as well

Overall: DPS kind of sucks, healing should be pretty good, tank spec is quite good, if you really enjoy Shaman I would stay stick to it, although Druids are quite fun as well if you play the right spec
Resto druid OP atm in the PTR.
Based off your preferences OP, I would strongly suggest leveling a druid to play in MOP. From a PVE perspective, its too early to tell how each class will perform because numbers have yet to be finalized, but the class mechanics/rotations for both classes are not changing too drastically in MOP.

From a PVP perspective, I would recommend playing a druid at this point. "Historically," druids have had at least one spec that was truly viable in PVP whereas shamans have not outside of Resto in Cata in my humble opinion. However, with the advent of Ascension in MOP, shamans should finally have a reliable burst mechanic. In addition, several defensive cds have been added. Even with that said, the druid package in MOP seems superior. The increased mobility, addition of on-demand burst, and improved cc for feral make it a damn good pvp spec. It will be interesting to see how the lack of defensive cds in arena will play out, but I think feral will still be competitive. Moreover, balance is looking great in the upcoming expansion; however, i will let wiser moon owls consult you on them as I have not played balance on beta.

based off your preferences, i'd say druid...they're aren't too many druids because of how difficult it is to play them..lots of mechanics and spells that can be very useful in pvp. Overall i'd say druid for PvE and PvP..i have a shaman aswell and like healing on him but im loving my druid so far
This thread is 3 months old. Probably safe to assume he's made his decision.
al yall is stoopid shammy is way better
al yall is stoopid shammy is way better

if you look closely, you can see that each post has a date on it in the upper right hand corner.

but hey your response was definitely worth the necro.

plus -10 points for use of "all yall"

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