[H] Selling Profession Kits 1-525

Sorry for being gone an entire day guys. The AC in our house broke .. we had to abandon it for a hotel until it got fixed when it read 94 degrees in the living room :O It seems to be fixed now and slowly cooling down :) So, I will hop on shearia for a bit, and then be on kalasyn most the rest of the night if anyone needs me.
Let me know when you have more kits available. I would be very interested in purchasing a Inscription and Alchemy kit from you. Thx :)
Hi guys - real life things have come up and is limiting my play time for the foreseeable future. :< Sadly, I will not be able to finish the orders that I had, seeing as they would not be done by the time MOP comes out.

That being said

I have 2 kits available for pick up, they are 100% complete. The person who ordered them hasnt been online in several days, and I cant seem to catch them :)



Inscrption (1) - 6k
Cooking (1) - 3.5k

I will be on Shearia for the next hour or 2, please message me there. Thanks!
Okay, Kits are gone.
Thanks guys :) If I find time, Ill make and sell more kits in the future (100% completed ones)

Ill bump the thread when I get them!

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