Paly tanking in MOP

i wanted to know if anyone could share there information on how pally tanking will change in MOP... I have 3 tank Pally tank, Druid, and DK tank... I'd love to stay with my pally tanking because ive been tanking on him since the original WOW was released...

Quick overview:

1. 5 Holy power
2. Word of Glory has no cooldown
3. Judgment gives holy power
4. Every Shield of the Righteous you use applies a buff that increases your next WoG by a %. Stacks 5 times.
5. Mastery changed. Paladins that are stam stacking in 4.3 due to heroic gear are going to have to re-gem to meet the CTC cap.
6. Consecration now acts like it does in Wrath (actually being part of the rotation on a 9 second CD)
whats CTC?

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