WoW Remote/Mobile App for Android issue

Mobile Bug Report
I just setup WoW Remote via, and I'm currently using the following phone and OS:

Galaxy SII Skyrocket
OS Version: 2.3.6 Gingerbread

Every time I try to load it, and I've never gotten it to work on this device, is the following error: "The Armory encountered an error handling this request: Dismiss/Retry". Nothing else, and as I've said, never works.

Would love any advice, or any solutions on how to resolve it. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled, and there are no updates to download for it.

The loggin server had some interruptions this morning, but it looks to be working right now.
I have having issues logging back in even after restarting my Phone.

HTC velocity
Telstra is the SP.
Haven't been able to log in for about 2 hours now. Keep getting "Connection Error: Unable to Connect to Server". I cleared app cache, cleared app data, reinstalled the app.. twice, rebooted my phone several times during these attempts.


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