WTB RAGnaros mount

any guilds selling firehawk for less than 100k? or maybe for real $ ? hit me up with price if you do
YMT is going to be selling herioc rag starting Aug 1st, current price for mount is 75k, PST thedream or bullnox in game
I just sent in game mails to both of those names. Really interested in this too.
Sorry to throw the Ally side in your topic, but any Ally guilds selling this mount?
07/20/2012 09:39 PMPosted by Naxxi
or maybe for real $ ? hit me up with price if you do

Just a note, trading things in game for real money breaks TOS and will earn you a ban.
So i whispered Bullnox in game about this, but I'm just gonna leave it here so you can decide. Would you guys be willing to accept a Reins of Poseidus and some gold?
i whispered the guy i was told to whisper, and he said you arent doing it...
so are you selling it or not? let me know. im interested.
paying gold

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