A bunch of bugs

Mobile Bug Report
Well here are a bunch of bugs/pains when using the mobile armory on ios.

- CONSTANTLY getting "the armory encountered an error" popups which will return me to login screen. Usually happens when going on wowhead to look at an item model and coming back. When logging in due to the same issue usually takes 4-5 attempts.

- If you are browsing auctions and go somewhere else (character profile) and come back it goes to page 1 and does that "armory encountered an error" thing

I'll try to remember some more.
Each of the Browse auctions search results are actually just a part of the same dynamic page. If you navigate two pages away from it, it will empty that cached data. So using the back button to return will simply refresh the page. This is an intended limitation to save memory and battery life.

The connection problems are something that we are continuously working to improve. I stay in contact with the engineers working to stabilize things and address isolated issues as they come and go.

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