Scarlet Monastery Ashbringer Event


For a limited time, I am offering the chance to see this event. The event is removed from the game in Mists.

Please send me a message in game if you're interested in seeing this.

There can be only one!
The event IS on youtube though!

Corrupted Ashbringer is probably the coolest weapon in game.. can it be transmogged at all?
I would like to see it if your still doing this. Can you mail me in game?
Yes, still doing this, I had forgotten all about this post because no one messaged me in game about it until today.

I don't check the forums that much, so drop me a line in game.

Also, yes, ashbringer can be xmogged, and you can see it on youtube, but it's not quite the same as going yourself. :)
I will no longer be doing this as it is now officially gone forever due to the redesign of Scarlet Monastery.

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