Stdevs selling Full 10m H DS + Mount!

Area 52
We are selling our full heroic DS clear. We recommend to go on the full clear you be at least ilvl 384, this is for a DPS spot so make sure you have a dps spec. This is for 10 man hard mode.

The price is 150k upfront this includes the title and all applicable achievements, the Life Binders hand maiden mount and any loot our raiders don't need ( which is next to nothing ) this includes gear for any spec you want, healing/tank/heals THIS DO NOT INCLUDE boes or patterns those go to the guild bank

Our run is Friday at 9pm.

Please contact Lionnis, Azaleia or Velectra in game for more details. If we are not on, check in with other guild members to see if we are on an alt. /who Standard Deviants
Best price I've ever seen.
Thanks. We are booked for the 27th, and interest and we'll likely get booked up for weeks in advance quickly so make sure to reserve your spot!
Bumpity bump.
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Do you have an opening for next week?
Our next opening is the 24th of August.
Bump 24th is open
Just a few short weeks til MoP, come get your drakes and titles with us!
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Ooooh man I so would love to get this for my main before Mists hits, but I need a couple weeks to save up >.< 90k so far! Lol. I hope your offer is still available when I get to that point, I see a lot of the other guilds doing these sales have stopping doing it :(

Also you guys are awesome :) for us guildless peeps who only ever pug our raid groups, getting the chance to actually finish a heroic clear is a rare sight.
We'll be doing it right up until MoP hits, I think, still looking for more buyers for Friday night clears!

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