[H] - 8/8H - 10 Man - Cho'gall - IBT

Guild Recruitment
Current Need
Highly experienced raider with previous history of top 100 US kills throughout multiple tiers of content.

Raid Times
Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday from 7pm to 11pm CST. We strictly raid stated hours and no more.

E-Mail: ibtguild@gmail.com
Web: http://www.ibtguild.com
Application: http://www.ibtguild.com/apply
In Game: Manamonster, Covonant, Ryxsyn, Stickymeet, Grumpygal, Manabanana, Ticklepickle, Manameat, Focalpoint, Ibsibt

Most of us in the guild have been playing together for years and have all played in top 50 / top 20 guilds prior to forming this one. We aim to provide a fun atmosphere of friends. As a bunch of re-roll characters starting 2 weeks in to DS in blues / crappy epics, we managed to finish the tier with a top 300 heroic madness kill without legendaries, on a strict 12 hour schedule, and significantly behind the gear curve. Though we are not focused on our rank, we will certainly be better going in to Panda on a level playing field.


  • We expect top end players who are looking to raid on a reduced 3 day a week schedule
  • Extensive raiding experience throughout multiple tiers/expansions of WoW
  • Laid back attitude
  • Strong drive to theorycraft, read up on your class, come up with strategies, and generally spend large amounts of time outside of raid improving yourself and contributing to the guild
  • People who can reliably play more than 1 character (and keep them updated with enchants / gear / whatever) are very desirable
Join our cutesy ranks!
You must also like cats to join, though not necessarily own them. If you do own some, post pics on your app :D
Qtpie is really cute
WTB stellar meat shield for MoP, pst
Once upon a time there was a guild named IBT looking for a tank
btw It's business time!
Well I do have my business socks on...
Are you guys still looking for a tank?
Still looking for a tank
Please visit us at ibtguild.com =)
hey now, hey. hey. we need someone to take it to the face from the boss with me. :D

all the bumps
Looking high and low for that special someone
IBT would love to have you, please check us out
BAD mage is bad
Acts like her shaman is gooooooooooooooooooooood
My shaman is damn stellar!
Don't you want to be a part of our team come September 25th?

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