H. Arena Partners?

New to the realm and looking to get a 3s team started. Will do 2s but 2s B L O W. blow. suck.

Holy Paladin
1900 rated 3s xp.

reply here or send me a message in game. name is A r t u r ó (alt + 0243)
He's bad, don't fall for the trap!
How can a Holy paladin be BAD at ARENA?
He's not, I just had to try to troll him since he didnt bother to tell me he started playing again!
07/24/2012 08:00 PMPosted by Foofy
How can a Holy paladin be BAD at ARENA?

It's quite simple ... go OOM ... a Holy Pally without mana is nothing more than a fly under a swatter :P
Baelgun pvp
lol... knew this was going to be a challenge when i saw only 2 teams on this realm that are pass 2k rating xD (3v3)

and brian... HAI AMIGO como estas? te extrane :D

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