WTS Hero of Shattrath

Area 52
Title says it

Im selling Dampscale Basilisk Eye or/and Dreadfang Venom Sac

I will farm your 1280 eyes or sacs it will take around 1 or 2 days max will be 3 days

Send me in game mail @ Ibankformain or post in forum with your offer

Thank you!
Transfer to Draenor and farm me some eyes, gogo
Currently busy farming the sacs (2400) looking for people who wants to buy eyes tho, open for offers
im interested in about 700 sacs how much? let me know add me on realid please


would need you to xfer here. willing to compensate.
i need the ones that get you from the aldor to the scryer. how much do you want? I'm fully hated with scryers.
10k for the eyes, for my main.
Just sold 3 sets looking for more buyers now!
plz send me in game
Aldor to scryer = Eyes
Scryer to Aldor = Sacs

Edit: also send your price on how much per eyes or sacs!
Currently booked for the week
looking for buyers send ingame mail
looking for buyers
anyone interested
Send me a mail at your rate. Ty
How much in gold?
This still going on?
08/20/2012 02:47 PMPosted by Wahookah
How much in gold?

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