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Greetings all.

Though this issue has been ongoing for a couple of days now we wanted to provide a centralized thread where we could provide updates.

As many of you may know we have a system in place that when it detects a change in a person's access pattern, it can result in the account being temporarily locked. This is to help prevent possible compromise and has been very effective in many situations. When this happens it is generally a simple matter to reset your password, therefore authorizing that play session, and log in and play once more.

Unfortunately, over the last couple of days that reset process hasn't been successful for everyone. To confirm, our staff is aware of the issue and it has been under investigation to figure out the cause and implement a resolution.

This remains a high priority and will be resolved as quickly as we can but we also want to allow those in this situation to access the game with as little delay as possible. If your account has received a temporary lock and resetting your password has not worked to unlock it. Please submit a Support Site ticket so that our staff can work to resolve the issue manually.

Note: Adding an Authenticator to the account, either mobile or physical, has reportedly allowed some accounts to log in successfully.

Our SMS Protect feature may also help as it helps manage security options.

We will provide what updates we can as they become available. Thank you everyone for your continue patience.

For those folks experiencing this lock out, please try logging in. Some adjustments were made that should be allowing you to log in once again.

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